Will I be allowed to work on a dependent iqama in Jeddah?

I've been googling this question to death but all I can find is conflicting information most of which is several years old. I would VERY much appreciate any up-to-date info on this.

My husband will start working in Jeddah this fall. He is an international teacher.
I have a B.A. degree in linguistics (Russian), 9 years work experience in a translators association and an online TESOL certificate (200 hours). I do NOT, however hold an official teaching degree or any non-online TESOL degree. Also, English is my native language but I don't have a passport from an English speaking country (I'm from the EU).

I will be joining my husband in Jeddah. As soon as he gets his iqama we will apply for a dependent visa.
My husband will be my sponsor.

Now I want to know if I can find employment as an English teacher in Jeddah?
I found articles from Saudi Gazette and Arab News, there they say yes, then no, then yes again, then no again. All these articles are from around 2014 or 2015. Calling the embassy also wasn't helpful.

I don't know whom to ask or where to look any more. Please help.

Thank you!

Officially you cannot work. And when it is not official, you don't get any official benefits like medical insurance, accommodation/or allowance, travel, education, exit re entry, etc benefits. Also, you fill find it difficult to find employment unofficially (More precisely illegally) as not many employers are willing to do that nowadays. However, unofficially if and when anyone recruits, the pay will be paltry and without any benefits. However, if the purpose of employment is simply to keep yourself engaged and occupied and not to make any significant money, then you can always try this.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
So you are saying there is no legal way to work as an English teacher without a transfer of sponsorship if I get you right. Would it possible to find a job there and then transfer the sponsorship to my future employer or is this also out of question?

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hello, pls type it down here. It's a forum, not a private business platform

I know what this place is and i know when exactly to write and where so you keep your advice to yourself

Getting job first and then transferring sponsorship part, I am not very sure. You may try though. Teaching jobs usually are not very high paying. And some schools may keep you as a non permanent faculty just to save costs while getting teachers to fill the gap.

You need to find a job then transfer your iqama from your husband to the company as simple as that 😀

will that be easy as u said?? how much time is needed for this procedure and what are chances to transfer dependant visa to work visa?? Do company easily agree to change n sponsor visa of expats dependent??

come first to saudi than find a job if you feel your job is oke and you like it than ask the company/
school to tranfer your iqoma to professionals. its actually easy depent on the company you working with

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