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10 properties found in Jeddah

Jeddah ر.س 2,500 per month Flat near the airport ر.س 2,500 per month Flat for rent, 4 bedrooms, 150m2
Jeddah ر.س 100,000 per month Compound Villas FOR RENT 3BHK Al Shati Cornish            ر.س 100,000 per month House for rent, 3 bedrooms, 250m2 5 weeks ago
Jeddah ر.س 24,000 LARGE 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT ر.س 24,000 Flat for rent, 4 bedrooms 7 weeks ago
Jeddah ر.س 700 Flat to share ر.س 700 Flat share, 2 bedrooms 4 months ago
Jeddah ر.س 34,000 KAEC two bedroom apartment for rent ر.س 34,000 Flat for rent, 2 bedrooms, 110m2 5 months ago
Jeddah ر.س 35,000 New apartments 3 bedrooms for rent in Rawdah dist. With great location ... ر.س 35,000 Flat for rent, 4 bedrooms, 140m2 5 months ago
Jeddah DUPLEX VILLA FOR RENT House for rent, 4 bedrooms, 2000m2 5 months ago

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