E-wakala for work visa processing

Can anyone let me know in whose name the e-wakala to be issued to process the work visa at Saudi Embassy. VFS Tasheel is the sole agent for Saudi Visa processing and they clearly mentioned in their website that don't issue e-wakala in VFS name

Depends on which country you are referring to.

But generally speaking, the e-wakala is in the name of the agent who files your application with VFS and not VFS themselves.  For example, I got my work visa through VFS in Bahrain but there was a document clearing agency (listed as authorized agent for Saudi Embassy) who took all my documents and applications and did the filing in VFS.  I gave the e-wakala in their name.  I just showed up for 5 minutes in VFS offices for fingerprinting and picture.

Check with your local VFS office as to who the authorized visa agents for the Saudi Embassy are - it is not VFS; they are just an application submission point.

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VFS Tasheel in Australia is the only agent for Saudi Embassy there. And they are advising the e-wakala to be taken in the candidate name itself. I am just wondering whether anyone has recently obtained a Saudi work (employment) visa from Australia. Without an agent, it is very difficult to put together all the required documents.

Any insight into this topic would be highly appreciated.
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Makes sense.  In countries where you don't have agents, you would need to take it in your name and then work with VFS.

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Just wondering, how did you go with your work visa and e-wakala?
I am getting ready to submit an application from Australia too, however - I'm currently stuck on the e-wakala item.
My employer is saying the electronic delegation must be under VFS' or visa agent's name/licence.
Did you encounter a similar issue?



How long time it took for visa stamping???
I mean how many weeks it took for you? For stamping
Plz reply

After all the required documentation was submitted, which took about 5 weeks to arrange, the visa stamp was done in about 1 week for me (in Australia).

AA, brother can you please help me and let me know how you do this e wakala from Australia I live in Melbourne vic and I'm stuck in this e wakala thing and no one have any idea a bout it, please I'll really appreciate your help you the only one understand my situation.

hellow plzz help me and any rply plzzz
i nid E WAKKALA under name of VFS TASHEEL
where i get then EWAKKALA plzz help me

im here in bahrain i nid the ewakkala for saudi all document i have it but nid more the e wakkala


My designated agent is "CLS" is this possible that i can go directly to VFS Tasheel for visa stamping?
OR I must have to change the E-Wakala  depicting VFS Tasheel?

If designated agency name needs to change in E-Wakala, how long it will take?

I am Arab let me know how to issue ewakala for my Porefred candidate in Sri Lanka.

@dlgorospe What is the need for stamping at the Saudi embassy here in the Philippines?

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Hi , how did you resolve your e-wakala issue, please share details, I am also processing Saudi work visa from Australia.