Filipino Massage Theraphist there any filipino here working in spas or massage center?specially near exit 8-10...

i have some questions about working as a part timer

I know some phillipino guys who are really good in giving massage, will tell them to contact you :)

hi there

let me know if u r doing massage

me too pls

Me too

plz share contact with me : [email protected]

Contact me on
[email protected]
We can chat in this further

I strongly recommend no one arranges meets except in public places, and go with friends.
This goes more so if every post contains their contact details.

I  am in Riyadh I need a full body massage

Dear All

Kindly note that the initiator was looking for information regarding spas or massage centre for job purposes but was not offering any such service :|

Since there have been no constructive feedback on this thread,it will be thus closed!

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