Working in Riyadh

Updated 2019-05-21 12:16

As the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is one of the biggest urban communities in the country and is home to a large number of expats. Riyadh is known to be the heart of Saudi Arabia, the place where decisions are taken. Most government agencies and ministries are located there, as well as foreign embassies.  

Riyadh offers unlimited opportunities for those who are looking for a job. Most of the people living in Riyadh work in or close to government authorities, but you can also find a number of local and foreign companies looking for manpower all around the city.

Riyadh's economy

Riyadh is a rich city, as evidenced by the wealthy Saudi nationals and princes living there. Besides, you can find many shopping outlets, a huge number of eateries, and various popular inns, catering to the needs of everyone. Most expats are hired by these businesses.

With many State-subsidized and private schools, education seems to be one of the most promising fields in Riyadh, especially for qualified expats. English is turning into a standard in every day life, so there is a great demand for English teachers.

Banking, finance and foreign exchange is another promising field in Riyadh since a large portion of the significant firms are located there.

Unemployment and Saudisation

Since many years, Saudi Arabia requires a considerable and increasingly innovative workforce to support its financial expansion plans, from specific college graduates to specialists. At the same time, Saudi Arabia has a high unemployment rate. As of January 2016, 5.6% of the population was unemployed. Also, around 66% of the populace is less than 30 years old. Since large numbers of young graduates are entering the workforce around a similar time, youth unemployment rate is considerably high.

In 2015, the unemployment rate of Saudis aged between 16 and 29 was at 29%. To encourage Saudi nationals to work in Riyadh's private sector and thus fill in the available vacancies, the government started the "Saudisation" process that has four phases. Today, it is now more difficult for expats to be hired in some industries. Also, employers are now more reluctant to undertake the procedures relating to obtaining a work permit for foreign workers, except in specific sectors where the required skills are not available locally.

How to find a job

When all is said in done, the Internet remains the best and most effective approach to search for a job in Riyadh

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