Work Gap not accepted by Saudi Council

Work Gap can be a big defect when applying for Registration of License for saudi council? Is there any remedy for that? I have complete documents, coe dataflow, prometric and PRC Licenses done with dataflow. But the problem was i have 3 years Gap before coming to Saudi. Now, im worked 6 years straight since 2013. 6 years work experience in the field of laboratory science was still not accepted? Hope you can give some advise. Thanks..

try do make your account in mumaris and uploads all your documents there.and in the page there is remarks you will explan why you have a work gap. the saudi council will check all and they will reply  what step next.
try first

Hi, I am a newly hired nurse hire in Riyadh,arrived last January. I was not aware that my work gap will be a problem in taking the prometric exam here in KSA. What should I do,my employer was definitely aware of that matter. But they still hired me and given me the visa. Is it true that I will not be permitted to take SNLE if I have 2years work gap or it will be the Saudi council’s decision? I hope to get some good advice from you. Thank you very much


I think it will be depend on the SCFHS decision. You've done your part by giving all the requirements needed to take prometric exam.

as far as i know you can only work here in ksa within 3 months without saudi license. Giving you an ample time to prepare all the necessary requirements.

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