Saudi council dataflow for coe

Hi everyone,anybody can help me how to add the coe verification for dataflow? I just received my dataflow report for my diploma, tor and prc license and now they want me to do dataflow for coe, will i pay again or can i just add the coe? Pls help

Hi everyone, i just want to ask if they need local experience only in dataflow for saudi council? What if i just have abroad experience?

Hi guys can i ask how can i process to upgrade my technician license to nurse specialist? Do they really need local experience only in dataflow? TIA

Hello. Just want to ask why do you need to do dataflow again if you already have dataflow result for your prc and educ? When i went to scfhs last april they said that they only need educ and coe or prc. Just 2.

went to saudi council today. they said starting june 1 2018 they need dataflow for coe,licence and education.

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even for renewal of the license ? or for upgrading the license from technician to nurse specialist?

Hello everyone. I have only experience in saudi, i have coe with stamp of saudi commerce. Do I have to apply for dataflow verification?

Hello.. I want to go back to saudi as nurse. I worked at clinic in saudi year 2012 to 2016 then went back to philippine and worked as companynurse for 1.5 years.. Regarding dataflow. are they going to ask my local coe bfore 2012 or just my recent local coe. By the way im for renewal of license also.

Hello can i ask you Sir and Maam regarding to my dataflow result. lately i found out I dont have final results copy of my dataflow and i dont know why what happened, i already finished my contract for 3 years without any notification from my HR and i am planning to back in saudi and find a new employer. is it possible that if i am going to take another dataflow it reflects from my previous records? please any advise what will i do

local coe?what if my only my coe only from ksa is it okey po ba na yun ipadataflow?

Hello ma'am I'm KD. I just wanna ask something.. I am working here in KSA  since 2011 upto present. I have done my data flow only for my Local nurse license and EDUCATION but never for my COE.. I am planning to go on exit this Nov.2018 and go back to the Kingdom with new hospital employer. My question is, regarding data flow they are asking me to have a data flow for my COE. Which COE should I data flow, my old home country COE before working in Saudi which is never been data flowed or my recent 7.5 years COE here in saudi? Thank you so much and God bless.

Ur coe from the Phillipines.

Is it okay to only data flow my recent COE here in saudi without my COE in the philippines?

My friend dataflowed her coe from ksa but saudi council told her that what they need was the dataflow for her coe from the Philippines. Only coe from outside of ksa needs to be dataflowed.

My 1st saudi employer doesn’t process my SC license. But i submitted all the requirements to our HR. They just giving me assurance that still on the process. Until my contract end. They just only gave me COE.

I returned back here in ksa to fix everything. I dataflowed all my PRC, BSN (college diploma) , and my COE(from my 1st saudi employer) and they all verified.
What are the next step for this? Im worried now because my prometric exam will expired soon.

Hi po na solve n po problem nyo regarding sa dataflow nyo?

So ulit po ng dataflow pag panibagong employer sa ksa?

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Hello may I ask what happened to ur case? I have the same issue and Im a bit stressed these days hahaha I did not any employment back then in the Phils

May I know if there is a progress about your application in saudi council? Thank you.

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I just came back to saudi with a new employer. My saydi council license has been expire for almost a year. So I applied for the renewal. Done with dataflow and all. Now i have already received a text message from scfhs that they have already received my docs. Now im waiting for the bill to pay. Its been 2 mos now. I went to saudi council office and told me that my papers where sent to Riyadh. Any same experience here? I cannot proceed with the payment.

Hi i got a problem in renewing my license they said i got a problem in data flow its either my coe is not valid or fake my license is expired for a month now any suggestion what can i do if ever i can apply again for new and take prometric again since our office said i can put prc and college only in my data flow thank you

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