Saudi council renewal temporary membership

Hello friends,

I have registered in sce last year as a technician. I have bachelor of science(physics, computers and maths)(bsc 3 years) and master of computer applications(MCA 3 years) as educational qualification. But got a temporary membership for one year. Now at the time of iqama renewal i am unable to renew membership.. Contacted sce and they are telling me to change my profession.
Iqama profession: computer programmer
Sce: technician - computer programmer.
Experience: 4 years 3 months ksa
4 years in a US MNC
3 years in indian Multinational company

I have some of my friends with same educational qualification registered under allied engineering specialist it got approved.

Also i heard that MOL not stopped changing professions.. So what can i do now.. My iqama will expire in less than 30 days.. Any help is highly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Mca is considered as eligible qualification in india for computer programmer for most of the tech companies.

**MOL not changing profession

visit SCE office personally to resolve your issue, untill you wont visit they will just ask to change your profession which is not possible now.

Hello yasir,
Thanks alot for the response..
Visited sce office today but still got same response to change the profession.
Reason : bachelors in science.(physics, computers,maths)
They need a bachelors in computers

Even a masters of three years not acceptable for computer programmer.

Is there any profession suitable for computer master degree holders.
And as u said it is not possible to change profession now. What is the possible solution to overcome this situation

hmmm, you stuck into a problem now... just wait for few days maybe MOI will allow to change iqama profession ... no other solution in my knowledge ..

when MOI allow for profession change just go for the one whihc doest require SEC memberhsip ..

:(.Does anybody know such a profession for masters of computer applications without sce membership? Sce telling to go and change and mol is not changing..and 6 year degree is not considered for computer programmer..:(
And what can happen..

Should i prepare for a final exit. Or without saudi cpuncil can i renew iqama if the company can provide a letter such as critical resource.

when your SEC membership will expire ? if its still valid your can renew your iqama if its expired you cant.

Dears.. For your info..

Iqama can be renewed before saudi council expiry( I renewed when i had 15 days left in saudi council membership.

Second thing.

If you have a bachelor degree with some computer subjects and specialized computer masters(3 years in my case) saudi council converting temporary to permanent ,if you visit the office with all the original certificates...

Sir I have same problem only 17 days balance my engineering council date 17/11/2020 can I posible to renew my iqama sir please explain my contact number *** please miss call me I want to know how to renew your iqama sir

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you are lucky but generally not happen

You have any idea sir

You can renew your iqama if SCE is valid. I had a temp membership and it worked for me.. One of my friend whose profile was suspended also was able to renew iqama

Thanks sir I will check tomorrow

Hello thanks for sharing useful information. is us your membership technician with diploma or without diploma

Helo actually my iqama profession electronics technician but I submitted my sponsor give to me experience certificate that I submit one year going on now sir now not possible to renewal my membership one month before possible to renew I am late

May not be possible as they are looking for replacing with local Saudi. This is kind of filter to give jobs to qualified locals
If any update please share on group

Please update if get renewal done

normal iqama renewal worked for me. hope it will work for you as well.

Saudi council renewed for me..
Computer Programmer Profession:
1)Visited SCE office with my company HR spokesperson
2)All original certificates verified(Must to have few subjects in computer science in graduation)
3)Renewal button available by few hours.
4)Renewed for three years to avoid any chaos in future.

Great news congratulations

My profession is Computer technician and I have 1 year Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking? Does SCE accept 1 year diploma.
Please help me. My SCE is going to expire soon.

did you solved the issue if so how. Please advice

brother only solution is change profession.try to get a letter from SCE for profession change.

but mol is not changing the professions currently right so what could be the solution to renew iqama

I have the same issue...I have Bachelor in science (computer as one subject) membership expired

even after membership expiry

what a joke,if your SCE is suspended how you can renew.can you tell me source of iqama renewal.

I got similar problem.
I have Bachelor of science in Telecommunications systems management (networking) -4 years-, and Masters of Science in Management of technology -2 years-.
My iqama profession is General System Analyst.
SCE rejected to transfer my membership from temp to permanent with the following message: "Sorry, the certificate does not qualify for the membership required"

where to go from here ?

Similar problem with out any answers yet

Even my certificate (BSC Computers) is attested and i don't know how this certificated doesn't qualify for Computer programmer Profession. Please advice me what to do next... I really appreciate.

Asalamu alaikum brother,
what is is profession registered in SCE? If its Technician then Ur BSc Comp. degree can do it, I was having MCA degree with Attested they gave me Allied Engineering Specialist
You can visit SCE office by appointment

@asikrifai w salam bhai, it is technician, I have an appointment on 7th Jan, Inshallah i am hoping they will resolve. Jazakallah

Take all ur original certificates and get some arabic speakers if any,
In sha Allah you will get it

JazakAllah Bhai

Update on my SCE Renewal...

One of my colleague  called them (one of his friend work there) and explained that the BSC (Maths, Statitistics, Computer Science) has Computer as subject and its qualify for computer programmer, after 5 minutes i got renewal button on my profile.., Now i am waiting for fees message.
This for FYI

Alahamthullah !

Alhamdulillah Renewed...@asikrifai

Masha Allah! Sukriya Nafeel Salaah

Hello everyone,
I have a kind of similar problem.
My temporary technician membership was recently converted to permanent. Now I want to change it to Engineer from Technician.
Can any body advise in this regard.

Brother, did you find out anything about this. I have 2 year diploma will it be accepted in SEC? Please reply if you can. Thanks