How much for an Indian Head Massage or Swedish Massage?

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I am a fully qualified complementary therapist from the UK (VTCT Level 3). How much would be reasonable to charge for a 45min/1hr session in Riyadh from home, bearing in mind some places charge up to 600 SAR for 45 minutes?

I serve ladies only. No funny business!

I'm trying to resist.

mas fred wrote:

I'm trying to resist.

You're doing pretty good for now...:lol:

Do places really charge that much? :o

Last time I had a massage in Saudi, in fact, the only time, it was in a 5 star hotel in Jeddah, and it was 180 for a 50 minute session. (I am male.). I get them outside the country when I travel, as they are much cheaper in popular tourist destinations such as Turkey, Thailand, etc.

For females, I have seen the 'menus' of a few spas in Jeddah, including that of the Hilton, and they usually range from 250 to 400 for one session, which is typically 45 to 60 minutes.

600 sounds crazy!

Lol...thank you for your responses guys - and for resisting!

I know 600 SAR.  I have looked a few spa and gyms for women.  Places like Jeddah and Dammam is more relaxed in terms of services for expatriates.  In Riyadh, provisions for women are restricted and where there is, it's very expensive.  For example membership costs around 500-600+ SAR per month!  They also require upfront advance payments in most cases.  In most cases, there is a waiting list for memberships. I haven't found anywhere cheaper yet!

It's in these places that I saw the therapy/massage prices -around 400 seems be average depending on what type of massage (hot stone, deep tissue etc).  Yes, this is extortionate - prices I would expect at top end hotels/spas in central London. But I didn't expect this in Riyadh!

I would like to hear from the working ladies with stressful jobs...what price would you be reasonable for you to pay for an Indian head massage or Swedish massage in Riyadh?

Many thanks for your input.

In the USA, if it's not at a top hotel or spa, the cost of a massage is generally about 250SAR for 60 minutes.

At that rate, you are mostly looking at rich Saudi women.  After all, nearly all the clientele of those upscale spas and gyms are Saudi women.  You can expect only a very small handful of expat women to cough up 400 to 600 for a massage with any regularity.  Mostly Lebanese, I would suspect.

We'll I don't know where did u get the prices u listed up there ! It's nonsense I go to the top spas and physo therapy  centers the max I pay is 300 sr and I don't go to any place I go to the cream dula cream places & I have a masseuse  and a therapist  one charge 100sr the other charge 170 sr seriously do u think Saudis have oil refineries in there gardens ? & you want to rob them ? Get a life that won't happen my masseuse in London the most expensive city in the world charge me 50£ per visit ! Get a life plz !

i have seen deals (for ladies) at cobone for around 100 for 45-50 min massage. 600 is way too much for general public.

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