Transfer sponsorship from government hospital to private hospital

My contract is ending soon and although they have given me extension of contract in my current employme, I have decided not to renew it.

I am working as a lab technician in a government hospital in najran and planning to transfer to riyadh. About the abolishment of kafala system, are government hospitals included or it exclusive for private hospitals only?

The private hospital that I have applied to is asking for release. Is NOC and release certificate the same?

Is NOC enough for the private hospital to transfer my sponsorship with this current labor law?

Please help me. 🙏 Thanks a lot!

Has anyone got an answer for this question?
A friend of mine has the same problem. The job they are doing is under Saudisation, they have an offer from a private hospital but cannot find an answer on how to transfer their Iqama. The only solution at the moment appears to be to leave the Kingdom return home and come back on a new visa and Iqama.

Thanks for your response. The big problem is that they don't give visas anymore for expats in my profession, so the only way is to do local transfer. I've heard that it will take atleast 6 mos for the iqama to transfer from government to private if it gets approved. It is indeed too risky.

Hi good morning .. we have sane case dear . Did you get any update ? Did you transfer your sponsorship successfully? Kindly update us please .Godbless you

Hi :) it's possible but it takes some wasta or guys who know how to work on this thing. I just finished the iqama transfer process from govt. to a private company and it took me almost a month. The process must be done manually ( the new company reps. must go to Maktaba office and bring NOC from your company address to MOL and Jawazat) . There are some offices in front of MOL in morsalat and they can help you to process it.

Hi dear .. what di you mean by NOC kindly update me please .

were you able to transfer your sponsorship to the private sector?

hi. were you able to transfer sponsorship and how.long it took you to complete the process and if you can share the step of the process and approxumate times

hi apple.. yes.. the hospital should provide with letters addressed to mol and jawazat that they are allowing for your release and also to the new hospital you are transderring... may i know what process you are in now?

how about from private to government hospital, does anyone know the process?

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Cheryl team

according to new sponsorship from military hospital after ten years of service to private hospital and what's the procedure

any one with experience and knowledge ,please explain

Assalamu Alaikum

My Experience for Government to Private Iqama Transfer

Date 18-May-2023


1) NEW Employer --> Send a letter to OLD Employer requesting Transfer of Iqama --> 1to 3 Days

2) OLD Employer will provide 3 Letters to NEW Employer --> 1 to 3 days

    a) Letter #1 ---> to transfer the Iqama

    b) Letter #2  --> Letter to Ministry of Labor(MOL) (New Employer will also upload this document online)

    c) Letter #3 --> Letter to Jawazat to Change in the Absher

3) NEW Employer will go to MOL to make changes --> 1 day

4) NEW Employer will go to Jawazat to make changes in Absher --> 1 day

You can check Abhser to see all the updates

5) NEW Employer will provide Health Insurance - 1 to 5 Days

6) Check Absher or CCHI to see updated Health Insurance

Hope this helps.

Wish you good luck.


Thanks for the enlightenment. Does this apply to a doctor working in MOH under SOP contract.?

@Basheer-Ahmed-ksa hello. did they make a transfer request too in Qiwa portal? or manually only?