Things to do in Riyadh alone, with your partner or with friends

Things to do in Riyadh
Updated 2022-02-23 11:12

Riyadh is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, with quite a bit to offer to expats in their free time. Whether you have settled in Riyadh alone, with your partner or with your family, find out about some unique places to explore here.

Visit Al Masmak Fort

Situated in downtown Riyadh, Al Masmak Fort is a breathtaking spot made of mud and mud-block that has a significant role to play in the Kingdom's history, especially in the recovery of Riyadh in 1902. Even today, Al Masmak Fort still has a significant influence in the nation's travel industry. This dazzling monument gives you a new chance to experience the recollections of the years when it transformed from a palace into a historical centre.

Riyadh's Al Masmak Castle

Riyadh's Al Masmak Castle features an assortment of ancient weapons, ensembles, set-ups of a customary Saudi house and an exhibition of old photographs of spots and civic establishments of the Kingdom. Note that entrance to this magnificent architecture is free of charge. However, make sure to check the calendars before planning your trip as there is a different visiting schedule for single men and for families.

Riyadh's Lantern Souk

After you get a portion of Saudi history, it's a great opportunity to do some shopping at the Deerah Souk. Souk is the Arabic designation for market or bazaar. The Deerah Souk is located simply behind the Masmak Fort. It is the ideal spot to purchase souvenirs for your family and companions back home. You can get anything there, including toys, magnets, key chains, scarfs, shawls, floor mats, lights, scented oils, clothing, cosmetic products, gold, spices and more.

Sky Bridge at the Kingdom Tower

If you're looking to take a panoramic picture of Riyadh, head to the Sky Bridge. Situated on the 99th floor of Kingdom Tower, it is the third tallest building in Riyadh with a 56-meter sky connect. It takes two fast lifts to reach the top. It offers a terrific view of the city both in the day and at night.

On the ground floor, there are shopping malls, restaurants and eateries. The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh is also located at the Kingdom Center.

Visit the world's largest integrated farm

You heard it right! The world's biggest coordinated farm is found next to Riyadh. Al Safi Dairy Farm, located in Al Kharj, is a Guinness World Record Holder with an excess of 50,000 Holstein cows. When entering the farmland, vehicles are cleaned progressively. A representative of the organisation then welcomes guests and transfers them to their extensive transportation system. The first stop is the ranch. It can be an incredible experience for young children as they get to feed and pet animals.

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