Good quality squash court in Riyadh


My friend and I are staying in the King Saud University on a summer program for 3 weeks and are both avid squash players.

We are trying to find some good quality squash courts to play on while we are were. We have tried a few courts so far (we were here last year also) but have not found them to be very good. In particular, in every court we have found, the floor has been 'sealed' (laminated, varnished etc) making it very slippery. Some of the courts have been exceptionally well-kept, but having slippery floors is a no-go for us.

Does anybody know of any good quality courts in Riyadh with 'unsealed' (not shiny/laminated) floors that visitors can pay to play on in Riyadh? Near the university is a bonus! A phone number for the place would also be very helpful.

Many thanks,


It's hit or compound has decent courts, and the courts at Al Nakhla compound are very good...check out the Four Seasons and the Marriot if you're still in town. Message me if you want to get some games/drilling in. Cheers

I am looking a partner and location to play squash in Riyadh.
I am base in An Nafal district, Riyadh
Any suggestion?
Thank you
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Fitiness Time has a very clean looking one and doesn't seem like anyone uses it.

I just went there to inquire for the same thing 2 weeks ago or so. Mind you; you do need a minimum of 3 months membership and what not... Also, you're not able to bring guests...

Here's their address:

8292 Wadi Khafyah, 3872، Riyadh 12478 8292

There's also Squash Courts @ Palms Fitness Club, its 100ish per play; which is not very cheap but it's a good option for non-regular players.

Let me know if you find a good option and what to hit ball sometime soon.

Hope this helps.



Thank you very much, will check out and let you know.
Are you a member?

Hey Again,

No unfortunately I am not a member. Mind you; I would get a membership if I lived in Riyadh. I live in a small city 1.5 hours away from Riyadh called Quwiyiah. I make it to Riyadh on weekends though. Let me know if you wanna hit ball sometime.



Ok understand, will do!

Hello Pierre, while looking for a squash court I came thru your post (now almost 2 years back).
Are you playing somewhere? Or Covid suspended your enthusiasm to play?

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