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Quad in Riyadh
Updated 2019-05-21 13:25

A city of opportunities in all kinds, Riyadh is a fantastic place to live in. Whether you're moving there alone or with your family, discover the various outdoor activities that are awaiting you in your free time.

Amusement parks

From the incredible wall of China to the inclining tower of Pisa and the Sydney Opera, you can get the chance to see miniature version of them at the World Sights Park found smack in the core of the city. Note that entrance is free of charge for children

Feel the cold for a day in hot summer

At Snow City, not a single individual or family can leave without experiencing the cold Alpine temperatures. From skiing to sledging, there are numerous snow-related activities there to suit your preferences. It's also an excellent choice if you're looking to escape the mid-year heat.

Experience nature At Wadi Hanifa

From inundated fields to running streams: this is as close as one can get to nature in Riyadh. Wadi Hanifa offers an incredible sight when the dam is open. It's worth noting that it is the longest and most important valley in the country, stretching over 120 km from the northwest to the southeast of the capital city.

Watch the Dancing Fountain of the King Abdullah Park

Head to the King Abdullah Park in the evening to watch the amazing fountain dance to the beat of the music in an incredible presentation of shades. When the show is over, kids can enjoy the play areas while their parents take a stroll on the beautiful tracks.

Tour the Diplomatic Quarter

Whether you're a climbing amateur or professional, taking the trail through the Diplomatic Quarter will take you through an assortment of fauna, rocks and stones, not to mention the Tuwaiq Palace.

Ancient Ruins

Located on the northwestern edges of the Riyadh, Diriyah used to be the home of the Saudi Royal family. Scene of a year-long attack in the nineteenth-century conflict between the Ottoman and Saudi armed forces, today the city is an enthusiastic explorer's goal. The old mud architecture, reminiscent of a Gaudí structure, incorporates an overhauled bathhouse and various parks. Try not to miss the Saud Palace, which is renowned for its yard.


You'll locate Riyadh's most dazzling scenes in the Wadi Hanifa valley, which goes through the city. The riddle piece amalgams of Mesozoic-time sedimentary shake give a glorious scenery to a climb or bicycle ride.

The watercourse is very much kept up, and the incredibly available gratitude to a multimillion-dollar facelift went for keeping up and protecting this critical biological element. Families usually spend the late evening under the shade of plentiful date palms while their children play football. There are offices and restaurants along the channel, but you can also bring your picnic bag.

You should also visit the watercourse that runs nearby the Diplomatic Quarter and end your night watching the sun set over the layers of red shake. In case you're visiting in the stormy season in October, check the weather reports before planning your trip.

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