Food in Riyadh

Food in Riyadh
Updated 2019-05-21 13:22

The city of Riyadh flaunts eateries, bistros and bars of various patterns for all tastes and budget. In general, these places are the most sought after by expats looking to discover both international and ethnic cuisines. If you're one of them, let's embark on a culinary tour of the Saudi capital city.

Local specialities

Aside from upscale eateries, expats and visitors can choose from a wide range of comfortable bars and budget bistros. The best spot for a family visit is the Bateel bistro which is especially popular for its extraordinary combination of treats and pleasant environment. Espresso addicts and desserts lovers will love spending moments there thanks to its unique oriental feel. Al-Najdiyah Village eatery is another interesting place to taste the best ethnic dishes. It is appreciated not only for its excellent structyre but also for its exquisite inside plan and a tremendous variety of dishes.

From zesty tidbits, hot baked food, unique rice dishes and conventional confections, you can find almost everything in Riyadh. It's worth noting that rice, wheat, lamb, chicken, yoghurt and dates are some of the essential components of the local cuisine even though specialities usually vary from one region to another.

In general, some of the most popular dishes in Riyadh are the Kabsa, the Mutabbaq, the Markook, the Basbousa and the Sambusak, etc.

International cuisine in Riyadh

Riyadh is not just about ethnic cuisine. Over the years, many foreign restaurants and eateries have also been set up across the city. The Piatto, for example, specialises in Italian food. The eatery has a cosy atmosphere with an open kitchen that turns out to be an extraordinary culinary experience - you can watch the cooks at work while enjoying your meal. Do not miss their extraordinary rosemary bread!

La Piazza is another popular place with pizza lovers. It really stands out amongst the most sentimental gastronomy foundations of the city. Aside from an energizing selection of pizzas, you will enjoy its vibrant atmosphere.

The Saudi capital city caters for almost all tastes, so you can also find Asian cuisine at most street corners. The Noodle House, for example, offers an incredible experience to Asian food lovers. Its menu offers a selection of meat dishes, fish treats and a surprising number of toppings and new servings of mixed greens. The Noodle House is a decent spot to relax and enjoy good food after a tedious day at work or on the weekends with your family.

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