Meeting people in Riyadh

Social network
Updated 2019-05-21 12:59

Moving to a new city is never easy, especially if you have chosen to leave your friends and family. Then comes the time to socialise and make new friends and get life going in your new city. Here are some tips to help you develop and expand your social circle in Riyadh.

Social networks

Social networks like Facebook is the ideal place to get started. By typing keywords like "Expats in Riyadh" or "Riyadh expats", you will come across a number of expats living in the city as well as locals who might as well become part of your network. You can also join expats groups and keep yourself informed regarding upcoming events or gatherings in the city.


Meetup is a website that brings together people of different origins and brings them information regarding upcoming events, including fairs, conferences, gatherings, outings, etc., according to their preferences. You can also download the mobile application, search for Riyadh and start meeting new people.

Join a club

If you don't know how to keep yourself busy in your free time, especially if you don't know anyone on the spot, try joining a club or group. If you like sports for example, or reading, you are likely to meet people sharing the same interests and passion and build new connections. They might as well become your new best friends and not only throughout your stay.

Learn the local language

Registering with a language school can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. There are many language schools in Riyadh and these offer a range of language courses besides Arabic. Spending time with likeminded people can also open the doors to new opportunities.

Outdoor activities

Staying at home watching TV or reading a book can seems an easy option, but it isn't going to help if you're moving to a city like Riyadh where you don't know many people yet. Go out as much as possible and indulge in the range of leisure activities available. Whether you prefer to hang out at a shopping mall, do sports or visit places of interest, you will definitely meet new people and create memorable ties.

Community gathering

In general, expats in Riyadh tend to flock together. While it is important to know your neighbours, so you can feel comfortable and feel safe, they might as well introduce you to new people, be it their friends or colleagues. Try not to miss any of these gatherings. And why not plan some gathering with them if you feel like going out again.

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