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Updated 2019-05-21 12:28

Riyadh is the capital of KSA comprising of millions of expats who have come to work. The city is the biggest of all in KSA, and rapid growth projects are taking place daily. Riyadh is nominated as the city of all governing authorities as it is home to diplomatic quarters and embassies in particular. The city is said to be the most affluent region in KSA since many Royal families live there.  

You also have a large number of professionals and businessmen in Riyadh - which makes the demand for accommodation even more significant. Also, their lifestyle is reflected in the local rental style. In general, most expats prefer to flock together, but there's something for all tastes and budgets, even if finding accommodation can seem a bit tricky and time-consuming at first. Also, rent prices vary from one type of accommodation to another, so it's best to take your time and choose wisely.

Types of accommodation in Riyadh

In Riyadh, you are the most likely to find the different types of accommodation:

Unlimited Residences
Modern and luxury furnished flats and villas available for rent

Rent prices

Rental costs fluctuate according to the demand. The location and size of the accommodation are two major factors which play a vital role in pricing.

These are as follows:

Studio (comprises a kitchen and bathroom) - around 15,000 SAR per year
Single-bedroom apartment (includes a bathroom, bed, and kitchen)' around 20,000 SAR per year
Double bedroom apartment (with two bedrooms, kitchen, washroom, and a living room, i.e. lounge) - about 30,000 SAR per year.
Triple room (comprising three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and washroom) - around 30,000 SAR per year

It's worth noting that some employers and companies provide their employees with a housing allowance. If you tell the landlord or owner of your ability to pay upfront, they are likely to offer interesting discounts.

Looking for accommodation

Finding the best place to live in Riyadh require proper research, but there are many options to explore. To refine your search, start by listing down your criteria, for example, your budget, how much you can afford to pay, the contract period, the method of payment, whether you prefer furnished or unfurnished accommodation, etc.

You will get a clearer picture once you have finalised your list. Riyadh has a wide offer of properties available for rent. Have a look at the different local housing websites to get an idea of the location which suits you best and rent prices. If you are already on the spot, consider visiting the different neighbourhoods. You can also ask your friends or colleagues whether there is any available accommodation they might be aware of

Also, most of the Arabic newspapers advertise housing offers, but these are generally in Arabic. If you don't understand the language, there's nothing to worry about. You can simply seek help from your colleagues or friends.

Think about leaving your phone number with building head or guard so that they let you know if there are any new vacancies. Alternatively, you can also take owner's number to inquire yourself. You just have to mention what type of flat you are looking for and whether you are intending to move alone or with your family.

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