Accommodation at Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Riyadh.

I am thinking of coming to work with Habib Medical Group in Riyadh.  I will be offered family accommodation by the hospital.  Is this in a "Western style" compound? 

I understand quite a few of the hospital staff use this forum.  Any first hand information would be useful.

Hello MancDoc.

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Thanks to brighway.  Anyone actually living in the hospital quarters or know someone who is?

brighway wrote:
MancDoc wrote:

I am thinking of coming to work with Habib Medical Group in Riyadh.  I will be offered family accommodation by the hospital.  Is this in a "Western style" compound? 

I understand quite a few of the hospital staff use this forum.  Any first hand information would be useful.

WELCOME to Riyadh.. most the compound in comany amd hospital are nice with western style..scured...

Have nice life..

I would have to disagree with this--do NOT count on a compound, esp. with Habib.  The way I hear it, they've been experiencing financial difficulties as of late and have cut way back, even on necessities at the hospital.

Thanks Alliecat.  That sounds a bit worrying.  Financial problems are not what I associated with KSA.  That said, Habib have expanded phenomenally in recent years and they seem to be permanently recruiting.  I presume they still pay salaries, etc!!

I had imagined that the accommodation would be owned by the hospital in a large complex rather than the hospital renting units in a compound. I know very little about KSA so pardon my level of ignorance.

Is anyone on the forum a member of staff?  I would especially like to hear from recent starters.  I will be signing my papers just before Christmas.

I am going to work with the same hospital but in Jaddah,any in formations?about housing?

Hello MancDoc

You are more then welcome to saudi arabia, i personally know the accomodation manager Habib Medical Group in Riyadh..

i am well aware that they have good accomodation policy, depending upon the level of Hiring

It varies from a single joint room to 5 bedroom Villa in specific private compound..

Dont worry , you will be in safe hands...

MancDoc wrote:

That said, Habib have expanded phenomenally in recent years and they seem to be permanently recruiting.

Exactly why they were experiencing cash flow problems.  Maybe things have improved, hopefully so.  But as of about 10 mos. ago, things weren't good.

Hi everyone,

I've been offered a consultant post in Sulaiman Al Habib hospital in Riyadh. Can somebody tell me what sort of accomodation they provide. If I request to stay outside hospital provided accomodation what sort of allowance am I looking at ? Is this allowance negotiable?

Thank you

Hi Waldoc,
I am doctor working for Al Habib as a consultant.  Yes the organization may be a bit strapped cash flow wise,  but they are in an aggressive expansion mode.  I don't know what the "old days" were like but it is still pretty good right now.  Our hospitals are full and every day there are more MDs being hired, and still not enough for the demand.  I'm older and from the US so I understand US medicine and Al Habib has been a very good fit for me.  Things are not perfect,  but acceptable, and this is just the way it goes in the mideast. Accomodations: I can only speak for my situation as a western MD and I've been treated very well.  I am in a small compound- 18 villas- which is very nice, plenty of space, pool.  Transportation is provided back and forth to the hospitals. There are other living accomodations such as small apartments that they have.  I believe if you want to get your own place,  they will even give you back money if it is less than what they have allocated for your living expenses.  I do not know how much,  but I know 2 docs who are doing this. Hope this was helpful.

Dear cdocksa,
I am an older (almost 50) US doc as well and saw your post. I am an ophthalmologist who applied for a consultant position at HMG. You are the only US doc working there I have been able to find on the Internet. I would REALLY appreciate hearing your thoughts, opinions, and experiences working for that hospital group, living in Riyadh, etc. Thanks!

Dear cdocksa,   
forgot to give you my offline email... [email protected]

themoe,  I sent U an email.  we can skype and I'll be glad tofill U in on my experiance.

did you send to gmail address?
skype sounds good. I am on US eastern time, 7 hours behind KSA time.
look forward to hearing from you

Any body work at HMG?
please help in providing information about the accommodations

I am joining in 4 months and like to know if renting outside is better.
any idea what is the maximum allowance for housing for a consultant surgeon?
thanks to anybody who can help

greetings,  I'm a consultant w Habib.  I am in a nice compound, Sharifia,  which has 18 'villas'-  2 story, 3 beds, nice inside,  pool and small work out space that they say gym equipment is on the way. I know accomadations for western docs are a priority and this one is almost full.
  You can ask exactly what the allowance is.  I've heard ?? 90,000 Riyals ?? but I am not sure.
  Also ask specificic accomadations: their regular apartments are kind of small and just an apt.  Therefoore few, if any westerners around, no common areas, pool, etc. 
  One possibility is housing in "DQ"- Diplomatic Quarter.  I understnd it is pretty nice.

Hope this is helpful.  Cdocksa

Thank you so much
Very helpful
How is life inside the accommodation for a single western doc?
Is it boring ?
What about transportation?do I need a car
Sorry too many questions but I am nervous about
the move
Thanks a million .

Dear Taso Nicolaides,
I received an email that you replied to this post, but I cannot pull it up to read it. What did you ask? What were your comments?

Hi again,

Thank you all and especially cdocksa for a detailed description. I currently work in UK and I hope the working environment at HMG will not be very different. I have been offered a post in ER as a consultant. However, they are also giving me an option to take a similar post at HMG Hospital in Qassim at a higher salary.

I have 3 young children (eldest age 8) and I found some international schools both in qassim and riyadh that could be suitable.

At the moment I am dreading the paperwork that has to be done in order to start working in KSA because my basic medical degree is from Pakistan and will need attestations etc. there.

I will stay on the forum and keep bothering you for more info, as it is required :-). It would interesting to see if anybody works at Qassim HMG hospital, and what are their thoughts about that town / city.

All I know about Qassim is that it's extremely conservative.

Salam Waldoc,

I spent a week covering for a colleague in Buryiadh ( principal city of the district of Qassim).  Hospital is fine.  New facility, all the expected equipment of modern medicine.  That said,  it is probably not going to compare to a modern day ER in Britain.  But again,  things are just different here in the Mideast.  For me, in my specialty, it was fine.  All of the docs and staff were very nice to me.  Patients were extremely gentle people and appreciative of care given. 

There is an increased pay scale for working in Qassim.  For me I decided not to go there.  But, I am older, American, and not Muslim so I felt I was going to be a bit too isolated.  If you have young kids, your wife, and there is a good school for them,  then I imagine it would be fine.  The operant word in Qassim is "quiet".  This goes for the traffic ( almost none), pedestrians on the street,  and the amount of recreational opportunities.  Again,  for me it probably was not going to be a good match. It may be different for you.

As far as conservative goes,  well we're in Saudi Arabia and Qassim is the heart of conservative culture.  But,  that just means they take things seriously.  It does not mean you're going to have people coming after you or intruding.  The place is quiet,  rules are set and respected,  and everyone is just expected to follow them.  That's it.  It works for them.

So, hope this helps.  It is quite doable.  Oh yeah,  cost of leaving is even cheaper there than in Riyadh.

Good luck.  cksadoc


Dear cksadoc, Thank you sooooo much. You couldn't have described it better. This is what I expected of Buraidah. I am sick of heavy traffic and a quiet town will just be ideal for me!!! As an ER doctor working in a very busy department I would love to work in a quiet town and a 'quiet' department!!!! I am now really looking forward to working there. At the moment I am waiting for them to send me a contract after which I will resign from my current 'permanent' post.  Your post was very very helpful. Thank you once again.

Hope to meet you one day :)


sorry i meant cdocksa :)

Hi everyone in the blog
I have been offered specialist surgeons post in hmg.would anyone pls tell me wat is it like an orthopedic specialist .how is the working atmosphere.if I dont wish to take there accommodation then how much would they give  for housing allowance for a specialist.thanks

hello, everybody!
I dont know if this is the right place where to write, but I would like to know if you got the job directly from HMG or you got help from an agency.
I am a Consultant too, planning to move there. :-)

How did your negotiations with HMG end? Were they reasonable? Would they negotiate? Were you pleased with the offer? I am a US ophthalmologist and they are sending offer very soon. I don't know what to expect and would appreciate hearing about your experiences with HMG. Thanks

Fellow doctors in Riyadh at HMG,
I just received written job offer from HMG and need your input.
What are the details about things like housing and the various "HMG policies". I have phone call tomorrow with recruiter to discuss the contract details. Please respond ASAP via or my email at [email protected]

Dear themoe
I am also an Ophthalmologist 50+ years old and recently have been offered a post in Riyadh. I am considering it seriously.
I also am trying to find out about housing

Hopefully you will have furnished housing provided. Where is your job position? I have looked at HMG. Feel free to email me at [email protected]


i recently got an offer from HMG, as Hematologist Specialist, they offer me a family accommodation, i would like to know the details of accommodation, if any one at present using their accommodation kindly tell me.

Hi everyone

In two months time, I will move to Riyadh starting a Consultant Orthopaedic job with HMG. Any idea about the quality of the family accomodation that I have been offered?.

Hi sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I was away.

So tell me what and where about your accomadations and I'll tell you whaat I know.


Sorry to interject but have heard what sound like ugly rumors that some KSA hospitals having trouble paying staff on time and/or in full. Can anyone actually there comment?


I am at the final stage to get the working visa. I have  no idea at this stage in which hospital in Riyadh I  will be asigned to work. I have also got no idea about the family accomodation I will be given. Can you comment on any possible compounds? Can you also comment on the rumours about financial difficulties of some KSA hospitals?

kind regards

Are you going to HMG? Maybe you'll be at several hospitals?

I am told that I will work in one of the HMG hospitals in Riyadh

I have been offered a nephrology consultant position in HMG Riyadh. Does any one know what to expect from work schedule and call schedule? how are the housing compunds they offer for consultant? How many late/evening clinics? What is a good pay/month for consultant there? Thanks a lot.

Schedule:  6 days/week.  6 days split- 9-noon + 5PM-10PM.  After 1 or 2 months you'll probably go to 4 days split + 2 days straight 9 - 5PM  ( +/- minor variations). 
  Housing varies and you'll need to ask where you will be offerred accomadations.  Or they will give you $ and you can get your own place.
  I do not know what "good pay" is for nephro,  but see what the market will bare by applying to a few other jobs, e.g, Jeddah, Dubai, etc,  and you'll have a good idea of what is the usual.
  Good Luck.

Thank you. Would they negotiate for 5days/week? Is anyone doing that? If days are not very busy then I don'e mind 6 days/week. I also sent you an email. Thanks again.

Did you take the offer? How was the negotiation process? Where did you get the accomodation? Thanks.

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