How to choose your neighbourhood in Riyadh

Neighbourhood in Riyadh
Updated 2019-05-21 13:28

Finding accommodation is one of the major steps to relocating to a new city. Riyadh, being the capital of Saudi Arabia, is considered the busiest city in the country thanks to a large number of visitors coming and staying there almost all year round, especially for Umra and Hajj. Therefore, local authorities, hotels and property developers do their best to provide the best environment for travellers, and expats planning to relocate there, regardless of the duration of their stay.

Neighbourhoods in Riyadh

Riyadh city comprises no clear boundaries. There are nearly 17 minor municipalities across the city, each having a diplomatic quarter. As indicated in the article about Finding accommodation in Riyadh, the city is home to most foreign embassies in the country, so there's a wide range of housing options for diplomats. Other municipalities are further divided into 130 smaller areas

If you are planning to settle outside of the above-mentioned diplomatic quarter or in any of the https://www.expat.compounds found nearby, you can head to Al Olayya which is a municipality area commonly known as the business district. Other famous districts in Riyadh are Al Mohamdiya and Nakheel which also provide a wide range of accommodation options for all tastes.

Staying outside the compounds is appreciated and recommended in Saudi Arabia for bachelors. In fact, most expat families moving to Riyadh prefer to stay close to the https://www.expat.communities in the modern and secure compounds. Also, employers usually provide accommodation to solo female expats, and there are usually found close to their workplace in the most popular areas.

Benefits of moving to Riyadh

Expats usually find it easier and safer to move to Riyadh compared to any many other destinations in the region. According to recent surveys, the capital is in the top-most global cities. It's worth noting that accommodation in Riyadh is expensive compared to Kuwait and Manama, but cheaper compared to major cities in the United Arab Emirates, for example.

Riyadh is also home to many international schools which makes it an excellent choice to move to with your family. Usually, most of these are expensive but offer quality education. Also, it's not so difficult to find parking in this city.


If you like to party, it's worth noting that there's nothing close to nightlife in any of Riyadh's neighbourhoods, even if you can find many restaurants.

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