Compound Price for Family with 2 Kids

Hi All ,
im considering moving to KSA/Riyadh now and i would like to understand the Accommodation Range for an apartment in a compound ( Western ) where my wife and kids can enjoy their life and go to swimming or sports classes , etc without having to follow special restrictions .

Im looking for a 2 Bedroom Apartment , so how much would that cost me taking into considerations this criteria i've specified

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Hi the price for a 2bdr (very tiny) at al nakhla residential resort is 210k a year, it's one of the newest in Riyadh below is a link to their website, you can of course find less expensive but older ones
There is also a graded resident with a pool but it's just one building where a 2 story duplex very spacious with a huge terrasse overseeing the pool and a small garden is at 150k a year with many restaurants downstairs (startbuvks five guys) the link also to their website

These are the ones I knowif, it all depends on your budget.


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Good evening! There is a  list of places starting from 60-70K and up to 250K .. The best one is Al Nakhla Residential Resort. We have seen most of "decent" compounds to take the decision, and that one is by far the most green, western and fun, plus good roads - so my husband finally doesn't get stuck in a traffic when coming home. Al Nakhla just won a leading residence award in Middle East and KSA (you can check their facebook page), and that will come with the price, though .. if your budget allows you can ask for 2 bedroom villa. Alternatively go for apartment ..

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