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Updated 2019-05-21 08:13

Riyadh is considered the most beautiful city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reasons for many reasons including the climate, cultural heritage and norms, the beauty of the religion, and much more. Let's find out about what makes an ideal place to live in as an expat.


Islam is above all an Islamic country where Islamic tactics and knowledge are applied practically in all spheres, including politics, economy, culture, social norms, etc. The religion came into existence officially in the country after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached it to everyone. After that, billions of Muslims from around the world started visiting the country each year for the sake of HAJJ or Umra.


Riyadh is an interesting place to visit, regardless of the season. Being the capital of KSA, it is a lively city with lots of visitors and entertainment all year round. Regarding the climate, the city can get very hot with temperatures rising up to more than 50 degrees, especially in summers. It is then difficult for visitors to go out without covering their head, so most of them prefer to spend their time in malls or other cool places.

Social life

Due to many laws and restrictions, people tend to believe that the inhabitants of Riyadh and KSA as a whole are rude or unfriendly, but this is not true at all. You might be surprised at times to find out how friendly and loving they can be. Many of them are as open-minded as Westerners after having travelled and spent a few years abroad. They are not only friendly and respectable but also friendships, relationships, traditions, and culture. Many of them, however, prefer to study abroad.

On the other hand, There is a strict policy for men entering various malls and public places. Families are allowed with no hurdles, but single men are not. There is a predominant fear regarding the respect and security of girls and women. Therefore, specific time schedules are assigned to those coming alone. In general, men can visit malls alone after 8 pm.


Riyadh is a very beautiful city with lots of natural attractions for expats and visitors. Its geographic features include mountains, land expansions, climatic diversity, and much more. Hikes in valleys, desert roses, Rock arts, parks, ancient ruins, and desert rides are some of the things to see and to do in this amazing city, especially in summer.

Overall, KSA is a superb destination providing visitors with a lot of options for spending quality times with their families

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