What visa/job title categories don't require a degree certificate?


I need some help please.

I have a job offer in Saudi to be a web designer.

However, I dont have a degree certificate.  I only have my a-levels certificates which have already been attested by the Saudi consular.

I am being told my visa might get rejected as i dont have a degree and my job title will require a degree that matches my profession.

However, my thoughts are that I could ask my employer to put mu job/visa title as a lower category job, such as admin assistant or technician, in the hope that these job titles will not require a degree certificate to get the visa accepted.

I already have the offer and the company has a visa spot for, just really worried my visa will get rejected at the end of all this! :(

Can you please help and advise.

Thanks in advance.



Actually the below professions require degree and diploma certificates for registration with saudi Engineering council. Also doctors nurses and accountants and account technicians requires registration with similar authority. Profession like general labour, marketing specialist, programmer currently do not need to register with any such authority for iqama renewal or visa process I believe.

Building Surveyor
Road surveyor
Architectural Draughtsman
General Surveyor
Mine Surveyor
Photographic surveyor
Architectural Model Maker
Construction Draughtsman / Buildings
Structural Draughtsman / Roads
General Draughtsman
Building Technician /Building Supervisor
Road Technician /Road Supervisor
Quantity Surveyor
Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
Structural Materials Lab Technician
Associate Surveyor
Digital mapping technician
Digital aerial survey Technician
Surveyor and Field Investigator
Digital Aerial Scanning Equipment Operator
Cartography First Supervisor
Marine mapping technician
Quantity Surveyor
Electrical Draftsman
Mechanical Draftsman
Electrical Designs draftsman
Power plants - installation Technician
Power plants - O&M technician
Power plants switching - installation Technician
Power plants - switching O&M technician
Electrical technician - aerial lines
Electrical technician - land cables
Customer Services Electrical Technician
Electrical technician - wiring
Electrical technician - equipment Maintenance
Electrical technician - precision equipment
Electrical Engineering Technician - General
Electronics Technician
Telecommunications Technician – General
Desalination Fire Alarm Technician
Electrical Technician - Generators & aircraft Motors
Electronic Technician – Communications
Medical Equipment Technician
Electronic Technician - TV Maintenance
Electronic Technician – Control Equipment
Electricity technician
Electronic Draftsman
Electronic Technician – Radio broadcast
Electronic Technician – TV broadcast
Computer Technician
Communications Engineering Technician
Mobile Telephone Technician
Telephone Technician

Your only real chance is to go for labor and similar professions as those won't require degree nor registration nor are likely to be reserved only for Saudis.

What about 'system analyst', 'network analyst' and 'data analyst'? Are these profession requires degree/certification registered in Saudi council?

Look, things keep changing.  Your best bet is to ask your sponsor.

@Hira Noor

https://www.saudieng.sa/English/Eservic … cians.aspx

Have a look

@Hira Noor

Hi…my profession is system analyst too and don't have a degree so wanted to ask you if you have any idea or when is your iqama renewal due and if you figured out something ?

Hi my company issued me Labor visa for bringing me here, now I am unable to sponsor my family for their residence visa.

After speaking with GRO / HR of the company, he said no problem i will change the Iqama to a new Profession, that is Procurement Person, I am actually procurement / import manager here.

The problem is I have a UK degree, but it has not been attested yet . But i have started the application already to get it verified from British council pakistan first, followed by Saudi embassy and culture.

I need to know first does my general profession if changed to Procurement person, does it needs a degree? Best if it does not need.

And do you guys know any profession which doesnt require degree but can issue family residence Visa. Will really appreciate your help.


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I think your HR will be the best judge of that.  As things keep changing plus they may not have those professions available under their CR.  And as far as I know, most professions have ended up requiring degrees; especially for sponsoring family visas............even if the profession change doesn't require a degree, when you go to Jawazat for the visa, they will ask for it.

Hello everyone, I'm wanna ask if for a girl the sponsor is a father and in her iqama it says not permitted to work as her dad is the sponsor how can she be separated from her father and what to do if she didn't have a degree on what name of profession can she put in her iqama.

She has to find a job and get a work visa/iqama.

Hi All,

I am in a position where I have been offered a role in KSA. I do not have a degree, so would like to know what profession does not need one. I work in marketing and advertising, and the company is an advertising agency. I have a director-level role, I think for this role, I would be required to provide a degree? Since I don't have one and I am doing my work visa from the UK, what role/title can be put down that doesn't require a degree? The 2nd question would be about sponsoring a family, in my contract and my package, includes family, but I assume I'd have to sponsor them. if I have a role with a lower title would that mean I'm unable to sponsor my family?


Tell your sponsor to find a role that allows you to sponsor your family.  It is difficult to say which profession would need a degree and which wouldn't...........things change every day here and the list of professions is in the thousands.

@xTang Is there a way to find a list that the governing bodies work off? To confirm it is true that your role/title is linked to sponsoring family.

Job professions list is on mohre website, in Arabic. Some sites will provide a translated one.  But nowhere, will you find an official list in English that defines whether this profession allows for family visa or not.... Or even if it requires a degree.  As I said the rules change quickly.

As an example, if your profession is labour, you can't sponsor family even for visit visas. And there are a lot of professions like that. Mostly blue collar but still. On top, many employers will not give you a family contract even if your profession allows it

Family can do a visit visa as we have British passports. My company is offering a family contract and has included them in my package. I assume that when it comes to me doing family visas, it will be off my Iqama so it's about finding the right role that allows family sponsorship.


Hi there, if you have any information on how onw can avail the SCE membership having No degree or diploma

Current profession on iqama is مراقب عام  (general observer). which not needed SCE membership for iqama renewal.

I got offer from another company they are asking for SCE membership, I don't have any documents.

is there any way to enroll in SCE without having diploma. I just need SCE membership number 


Ask your HR/Company to provide you a experieced letter based on your iqma profession (General Observer) and this experience certificate must be attested by Chamber of Commerce. So, after COC attestation you can submit this certifcated in SCE for membership. Inshallah 100% you will get the permanent membership.

if you need further information drop me a message on this email: ***

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@shoaibahmed60 to sponsor your family job title will not be a hinderance it is the minimum salary of 3500 SR and yes you will require a degree certificate for that even though your profession does not require one.   

@shoaibahmed60 did you manage to get a visa without a degree? I am in a similar situation and the one postgrad I have is online..

@saddamsiddiqui92 did you manage to find a way around this?

Do I need attested degree to transfer the iqama. My current iqama position is port monitor and I'm willing transfer my sponsorship soon.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Dear sir,

    Want to know that CONSTRUCTION SITE SUPERVISOR  also require diploma / degree attestation from Saudi embassy your feed back will be highly.

hi brother,

Current profession on iqama Electronic Devices Maint Tech. we need any diploma?