Expired iqama on stc pay

My iqama will expire after few days, i have money in my stc pay account? Will it automatically deactivated when my iqama expires? Do i need to withdraw my money? Thanks in advance


withdraw your money

@Jana Ching hi, better to withdraw the money

I have money on my stc and my iqama it has already expired and  also my sin card is not working but now I have a new number is it possible to change it on my stc so that I can login to transfer the money??... Kindly I need help

Hello @hibrahim masalia. Good evening. My iqama is 3yrs expired and I'm still using my STCPAY. I just can't withdraw money but I can transfer money from my STCPAY. Thank you

@Johana35 so if iqama expired I can still send money internationally using mobile wallet

@Johana3 so I can still use mobile wallet thankyou, bt my phone number is not working currently they said I should recharge it

my iqama is expired and i have money in my stc pay I cant transfer money from my stc pay.Can I withdraw it through my stc card?pls help me

@cathyrainedulay25 did u withraw your money?