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    I am a resident of KSA & staying in Riyadh. i applied for family visit visa through https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/FamilyVisitVisa site to bring my family to Riyadh. This site has a destination dropdown which did not list 'Riyadh'. I tried both arabic & english but destination of riyadh was not available & so I temporarily selected different city and saved [thinking it may not submit] but the order number has been generated and pdf print option shows the order with wrong destination.  Now, is there a way to either cancel this order or edit this order and change the destination dropdown value?. 

I heard that the employer has to approve & COC has to be done etc. so can they edit or cancel this visit visa request so i can rectify the correct destination?

Anyone faced this problem before?


for any correction in the issued visa, (example: mistakes in entering passport number, name, stamping city, etc) apply new visa (same procedure like before by visiting https://visa.mofa.gov.sa) BUT MENTION IN THE PURPOSE OF VISIT AS “correction in existing visa number…………(mention the previous visa document number).

thats all

after that as usual submit to your employer for chamber of commerce

new visa will be issued with corrections within two-three working days Inshallah

How long do MOFA family visit reflect online

I applied 4 days ago to bring my mother inlaw but yet to get approval or visa document

Still show request under process ,do I apply another one

In address is mandatory to mention you company address or you can mention your adress as well???

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Dear Sir

I would like to know. I applied for my family visit visa for Saudi Arabia, when i filled tne application form that time correct name spelling but now i had checked online which is showing under process the name spelling is wrong before name is Mohammad asad shahroz, but now i see name mohammad asad shahrooz , is thier problem for visa stamping time. i need your help and cooperation.

in the name different only for o.



Dear Abdullah Jamal,

I have an issue with my family visit visa.  there is a mistake in their names.  we are not enter the Middle name.  And that's the reason the VFS office in Manila refused to process it.

Can you please help what to do?


Dear ,

i applied for my family visit visa and its approved but there is a mistake in the name like in the passport ANWAR but in visa it mentioned ANWER. is thier problem for visa stamping time in VFS center in india. i need your help and cooperation.

Helo everyone

My visit visa has title add of Riyadh my sponsor is from Jeddah how to change this title in Jeddah

@shahrozakhtar89 Hello Brother, how you solved this issue. Need your support

@Santos Dodgie hi I have an issue same to yours have u fix it?

@Abdullah jamal

I have an issued visa but there's no middle name can I add it on my visa?