Exit Visa for Baby born in Saudi Arabia

Assalamu alaykum.

I have a question regarding the exit visa for my newborn child born here in Saudi Arabia. I am working in Al ahsa as a nurse and my husband is just visit visa here. Some personnel in jawazat here told me that there's no need to get iqama for my baby because he will just exit. But some personnel told me that it is needed to get iqama so that the baby can be given final exit visa. Because according to them baby cannot be attach to the iqama of the mother only to father. But my husband has no iqama he is just on visit visa. One of my colleagues here didn't get final exit when they arrived in immigration because immigration said the baby must have final exit visa but the jawazat told them no need. Their ticket was waisted the same situation with me. What will i do? My husband and my baby will go home to philippines this march 30 via riyadh airport. Help me pls how to solve this problem of mine.
Allah kareem

walaikum salam,

You have to have the birth certificate issued, passport made and without an iqama this might be possible with only the passport and information added on the mothers passport. Kids can be attached to the mothers passport depending on the nationality. Some nationalities I have seen its possible while others are not.

Their answers were very contradicting from each other. One personnel in jawazat told me that the child must be one year old in order for him to issued an iqama. If less than one year old jawazat will not issue iqama for the baby.

The baby has passport and birth certificate already got from ahwal madani. But still they are insisting that there's no need for iqama and exit visa alatul they can exit   That's what worries me if they cannot exit

Hi sister can you tell me exactly what happened with your baby  how old he is and you took final exit paper from jawazat

any update? ms.kaye? im here also in makkah im haviong the same issue..

Hi Ms. Kaye!

Goo day!

Any update regarding your case as i have same case. What did you do to solve the issue?

I hope you'll reply.

Thank you.

what did you do? i have same case as you.

Did u get any update. .me too having same issue

Hi Please rply for this ,i am also facing this issue..kindly help us

Hi Everyone I got a clarification on this.I was facing same issue since 1month ,According to new rule If husband is not working in saudhi you don't get IQAMA for your child reason being if the mother is MOH staff they don't get tax ..so You have to go with exit visa with ur baby during immigration you may have to pay 1200SAR for exit visa...Thank you
I hope everyone understood this

Hi no need for paper from jawazat for final exit or need

Husband and wife both came on visit visa saudi arabia .last month blessed with a baby girl .got birth certificate from alhawal madani and passport from indian embasy.now i want to travel to india with baby girl and my wife.can i travel directly or any procedure left ..plz answer me

Is it applicable  under fathers  iqama also..can u please give me procedure in detail  .. am under my father  iqama my due date is near now I can't travel. .u guidance will be very helpful to me  ..whr shud we pay the amount  for exit visa .. whom to contact

Hi kaye please kindly tell me what happen to your baby did yoir husband safely bring yout baby home? Becoz im also same at yoir situation and i dont know what to do are there still payment even the baby is going travel.document with jawasat exit stamp???

Good afternoon im having same issue with kaye i have passport for my 3 month old son and a travel document issued by philippine embassy and a stamp from jawasat in saudi im working in private hospital and my husband working also in a company do we still need to pay for the 1200 sr tax???

Kabayan, paano po mag process ng travel document? May passport na din po ang 7month baby ko. Mag exit na po.kami sa june. Salamat po

Hello! Inexit q un baby this march lng thru exit visa punta k muna ng phil embassy then ask k ng paper travel doc. Kung d mu n ibblik c baby d2 pd ang trav doc.pg exit visa nman s jawasat un alm q kumukuha pa schedule k thru absher!

Hi Cheska23,

You should please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand and help you.

Thank you.

She wanted to bring her baby out in saudi arabia on the month of june for exit using travel document and shes asking on how to do it

Same issue like mine with my 7 month old baby, applied for passport today and 45 day's after il get it I want to ask if do I need to wait for his eqama to make exit for him by oct. My husband working with me same private hospital. Pls any reply, thank u.

Are u going in final exit  or re entry

Final exit

If ur going on final exit u need not have to take iqama for him.. go to jawazathe there they will attach ur baby passport under ur iqama (nakalmalumath)then put a final exit for u, in which ur newborn  baby can also travel. I have did in same way  and came on final exit from saudi on 20th April 2018.as far ur child is 7months pls do get reconfirmation from jawazat

Thank's sa info kabayan. Magkano binayad mo nung nag exit visa ang baby mo. Wala na ko plan ibalik ang baby q dito. Ang savi kc ng HR admin sa akin magbayad daw aq thru bank online then punta sa jawazat para issue ng iqama tska lang ma process ang exit visa.

Hi ms christine, im just asking about, how to process or to do when i want to exit with my daughter she was born here at saudi,all legal documents she has like passport,birt cert.  do i need to pay for her iqama? or just to apply exit visa or any travel documents . Any info is such a big help. Thanks

English  plz... I dnt understand ur language

Hi , you mean no need to pay the dependents fee?

Depend fee nt for new born

Guys, did anybody take Iqama for a newborn with a Travel Document (not passport) ?

I'm going to Jawazat tomorrow, I will try to write the update.

Hello Melay,

Please share how you successfully sent exit your baby.

I'm still in process in application of passport for my 2 weeks old daughter. Hopefully by May 11-12 though EOW.

I believe,for us working in private companies we have to go through until issuance of IQAMA to process final exit visa.

Please advise.


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Hello Chescka,

Please share your experience.

Your working in government or private companies?

Here is the process (as I promised to share yesterday):

This is valid for those whose baby was born in Saudi Arabia (birth certificate received, travel document (certificate) from embassy obtained, not a passport) and wish to exit the KSA with Travel Document (not passport).

- Pay thru SADAD the government fees under Resident Services you will find Registration for Exit Babies born in SAudi Arabia (100 SAR for Jawazat service + dependent fees starting from birth till your iqama expiry date).
- Go to Jawazat with original and copies of Birth Certificate, Travel Document. 
- Take a token and go to the counter. The officer will write a boarder number on Travel Document. The same number will appear under your dependent in Abshir.

Now your baby can go outside the kingdom with no issues and according to local rules and regulations.


ate what you mean is, there is a different process if you have travel documents rather than passport?

Sorry, your question is not clear.

the process I described above is for those whose baby was born in Saudi Arabia and instead of passport the Embassy issued Travel Document only (one way direction to parents' home country).

I'm sure even if you have a passport and would like to make a final exit for your baby, you have to go through the same process.

- Pay dependent fees online;
- Get boarding number in Jawazat.

yes my case is the same with you i have travel document instead of passport for my baby, so the step is before i go to jawazat i should pay online for dependends fee?

thanks for this information.

Today May 15 2018 i processed my 11 month old kid an Final exit visa i would like to share with you guys how will you do it because it will took you the whole day if you will not have an idea what to do and to process before going there (having accompanied by a Suadi friend is a plus believe me)

First the important things to bring

1. Birth certificate original and Photo copy
2. 2 pcs passport copy size Photo of your kid
3. Eqama copy of you and your wife
4. Form from your kafeel or sponsor company
    Your company will issue a form that is already
    Filled with the data of your kid with stamp of
    Of approval
Remember bring this paper and prior it

5. Appointment make sure that you have an appointment you will waste your time going there without an appointment

6. Absher account
7. Passport of your kid

Ok now i will explain you how and what to do..

First consult your company and ask them how much will you pay for the Levy

And ask them the form i mentioned with the list
They will fill it up for you and they will attach 1 photo of your kid

After that go to the bank you are registered and pay the said amount remember to save the receipt

Now gather all the requirements i mentioned and photo copy it set 1 set of photo copy along with the form i mentioned with a picture attached on it

And you're set to visit jawazat according to your appointment

If you need an urgent appointment bring all the
Documents make sure its complete
In front of jawazat GATE 2 there a office there
That can make an schedule for you on the same day just ask the counter and he will give you an appointment and pay him 10sr

Go inside the Jawazat Building number 2
"jawazat e-service building" there is no number
It's first come first serve

Hand him the documents and tell him its for final EXIT without Eqama
Then show him the receipt of the payment you payed on the bank he will ask you to hand over the original birth certificate and passport and that's it

2nd you go to the other side counter where
A person is making the eqama
He will not give you an eqama for ypur kid only
The number remember to mention its for EXIT VISA
he ask you again the original birth certificate passport and a Picture

After he input it remember to ask the eqama number of your kid

Then he will tell you to check your absher account and you will see that ypur kid is under your eqama already

On your absher account you will go to the e service and find the dependent section and
There you will see your kid eqama and on the bottom you will find issue Visa and final exit visa
And that's it press the Final exit visa and
You will have your kid's exit visa on Jawazat system
And also it will register on your absher account
Visa is Free...

Good luck guys..

thank's for the info.

kuya this process in jeddah or riyadh. thanks