Checking ' Yellow Paper '/Istaqdam Visa Status

I have got the Yellow Paper for Family Visa, I read on the forum that it takes some time to get activated ( 4 or 2 Weeks).. I wanted to know where do i check the status if it has been activated or not.
I only have a 'Follow-up' number mentioned on the Yellow Paper.  On checking my MOI Account ( it shows that i have applied for Labor Importation' but doesn't mention any Visa Number, but the same 'Followup No' and  'Border No' along with my Wife's name.

Anyone having any info will be really helpful.

Thanks for your time.

i would like to have some information.

do you remember when you checked your family visa on moi what did it say under status. as i have had my visa issued 3 days ago it showing valid under status but now show cancel request from mofa no reply. it showing the follow up no. and border no. as it is.

Were you issued the Yellow Paper. Why its showing 'Cancel Request from MOFA'?? .. From what i remember it was showing me VALID VISA only.. Now since Visa is issued it showing :'Residency issued '

Ok. i found some information from that time. Im pasting it below. See if it helps :

You can check in MOFA site at visa issued by MOFA. Raqam al isdar is your issue no and you need to enter this no to check the status.

After entering the number  Iqama No , i can see my Iqama No/ Wife Name and other details , You should also mentioned '1. Raqam as sadar - Followup No '  its mentioned on the Yellow  paper.. it's mentioned in arabic :

it should show the following : meaning Visa is issued
الرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخول
google translate :Please print the document and audit representation Kingdom to issue visa

thank you very much it was very helpful. much appreciated

yea also i have had my visa issued 2 days ago it showing  valid under status but now show canceled under status from moi . it showing the follow up no.  and border it is. what is mean visa is canceled ? .

Asalam o Alaiqum

Although its 2020 now and u posted ur problem in 2014 but Dear Can you please confirm to me that eventually what had happened to your problem? After how many days of Yellow Slip issuance it was activated on MOFA website (

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As you have rightly noticed, this topic dates back to 2014.

To obtain some answers to your query, you should look to the topic you already created on the same subject: Yellow Slip activation on MOFA website.

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HI Mumtaz
I face same issue , did you find any solution

Asalam o alikum
I applied residential visa for my family and got yellow 21days ago.  Yesterday my family  went to etimad office lahore after collect the medical report and they facing a problem of visa not showing online.
What can I do to solving that issue?
Please guide me, i am waiting for your response

Hi am facing the same issue ! Please someone help on this ! VISA not showing in MOFA application online but data is visible in MOFA app.

Am facing the same issue 😫

Please share the link of Mona app



I can't found on play store

Hummm ...can't find in India too .... but trust me ! In IOS APP ALL DATA is visible under VISA issued .

Your problem is solved?

I want to ask that is yellow paper need to attest from chamber of commerce ksa?

Does yellow paper needs to attest from chamber of commerce ksa ?

Same issue..did u get solution

Still not

Rahul Chatterjee wrote:

Hi am facing the same issue ! Please someone help on this ! VISA not showing in MOFA application online but data is visible in MOFA app.

Did u get solution?

Hyee .. I am having the same issue my husband got a yellow slip but eitmad is saying they didn't found such visa on mofa site. What to do?

I applied for family visa by visiting istiqdam in last october, From there i received only visa number not yellow paper due to printer  was not working on that time. Then i sent this number to india in march for visa stamping. Now travel agent asking original yellow paper then only embassy in mumbai will stamp visa. If anybody knows to solve this matter Please let me know.
If i visit again istiqdam office to solve this matter possible?
Please help

Muhammed fazil

Dear ,
Is your problem solved?
Did you get visa stamped for your family ?

Not yet

Did you get your visa?  i have the same issue

Based on my most recent experience

Yellow slip visa details will not be visible on MoFA website. Reason: Yellow slip visa is residency visa issued by MoI and not by MoFA. In the old enjaz platform it was visible but now there seems to be no integration between Istiqdam Yellow slip system and MoFA. May be they do it in future but for now do NOT WASTE your time checking MoFA website to show yellow slip visa details. It will not show.

Submit your family passport for stamping only after minimum 10 working days have passed after the date you have received yellow slip. Though optional, if possible try to send the original yellow slip to your home country

To get the yellow slip

- for the application form, prefer to fill by hand (in english or arabic) and have the form properly stamped by your employer. The form should not look like a scanned copy or else high chances of rejection.

-All the documents asked to bring must be attested by Saudi embassy and please do carry an arabic translated copy of all documents. It is advisable, if you have time, to even have the translated arabic copies attested by Saudi embassy. In my case I have the arabic translations also attested by embassy.

-Your organization or visa agent or freind or anyone based on his experience might say that attestation is not required, or a particular document is not required. But remember it is at the TOTAL DISCRETION of the officer in the Istiqdam office that day who will be handling your case. He can ask for any document and if you dont have he will send you back and ask to come again with everything and you will lose precious time to book appointment again. Hence have everything ready, attested and translated. Please carry all originals.

MoFA number in case of permanent residence visa has nothing to do with yellow slip visa number. MoFA number is just for medical report update and to keep a track of whether passport stamped or not.

You can check the status of passport stamping from this link

Once passport is stamped two bar codes will appear on the page. If only one bar code is appearing with MoFA number that means the passport is not yet stamped. If two barcodes appear showing your followup number as mentioned in the 'yellow slip' it means passport is stamped. Also after few hours if you go and check the same page, another popup will start coming showing the visa number also

@TanweerLucky Thanks brother for your detailed reply. It's quite helpful. I received the yellow slip on 26th October. Now, can you please tell me the steps and documents required for the family. Can they go for the medical now? or have to wait for visa status valid on MOFA for Medical test too? Secondly, how can I check when the family is eligible to go to Etimad?

I submitted online and had received the Family Visit Services with visa number and approved status. However, the embassy told me that the visa number was not sighted on MOFA, and the officer @ application center did not accept my application, not even allowed me to submit. Anyone could help?

@yousf8  did you have experience about that activation of yellow paper?

@sssky79 what next steps you followed i am facing the same issue in pakistan