How to check iqama number from passport

Hi All,

i moved to saudi last month . but my kafeel did not give me my iqama yet . He is saying that my iqama is made in the system but not yet printed. i dnot understand  this logic??. Can some one tell me how and where to check my my iqama number by puting my passport number.

i check on … quiry.aspx and it says i am On the job - The facility permits valid.

but is there any other site where i can put my passport number and get my iqama number so i can make account on

Thank you.

If you're shown as "On Job" in MoL website, your iqama has been issued.
Unfortunately no easy way to find  out the iqama number. Wait for a few days for iqama to arrive.

Hi I am irshad 5years before I came to india from saudi jeddah prison. now I got a new work visa. Again can I go to saudi? if possible ?

my border no is 42890***
my passport no is AE702***
my iqama issued or not?if issued?pls send me iqama number or suggest

Hi im new here saudi,just almost 4months but untill now my employer never get me iqama  im so confused as i think im illegal here alredy...and if that so which better i go back my kafeel not good also the im very worried pls help me or someone can advise me that i know as im new here saudi..

From philippine..tq

Plz brother my name muhammad **l my passport no AU7590** plz check my iqqama made or not plz reply

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I come with my 12 friends in saudi on work visa first time before 1.5 month and friends iqqama made in 15 days and staff say about my iqqama some problem in my figure print but he sy no problem kafeel make iqqama few days no problem.then I will check ur reply and check on mol website with my passport number AU759*** status show "on the job" and facaloty valid, and "Green Low" show on below screen. plz I don't understand and confused about this.plz explain me really really really thanxfull to u.
sir plz.

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Can anyone plz provide any link through which i can check wether my iqama is issued or not. MOL site has been upgraded and old links are not working.

hi im julito o. pulido filipino how to check my iqama no. thru the put of my passport no. plz reply. thanks i all ready 7months now here in KSA jeddah but my iqama is not finish the problem is my insurance.

Hello Tufail,

I too Suffered from the same issue like you, But the issue got solved and I got my iqama number after 2.5 months. I think your friends were new to Saudi Arabia, that's why they got their iqama as early on time. I believe you worked before in Saudi. In such case your finger print already registered in the Saudi Jawasat. when you come back with new visa unluckily your current finger print doesn't get match with your existing finger print. This may be the reason for your iqama delay.

When you check your status in MOI using your border number it will show that you are on job and facility status of your company, permits issued etc.,., but you will never get to know your Iqama card has been delivered. Unfortunately there is no other online way to know about your Iqama number personally.

Please contact your sponsor for the updates.

If it exists, I prefer you to take your sponsor to Saudi Jawasat in Riyadh.I did this way and almost my issue is getting solve.

I hope this works for you.


Hello All,
I was living in Saudi Arabia from June 2011 to May 2012, i have resigned properly and left the company. I am no more residing in SA. Now I need my Iqama copy and final exit copy, when I checked with my employer the answer was negative. Is there any other way to find my details.
Its very important for me. If any one aware of that please help me out.

I'm new in Saudi Arabia, my kofeel did not give my iqama,I have my passport,  how to check my iqama number from passport?

tell any of your friend who is living in Riyadh to go to Bat'ha. in Markaz jamal building there is a office on the 1st floor for such work. they can issue your final exit paper from jawazat charge 35 SAR

Hi can i know whai is the meaning of  this

“There are more than one record that satisfies the conditions”

When im checking my iqama status thru passport number it shown like that please give advice so atlist i have some idea what is that mean


Johnson345..i have the same issue also..did you know already what does it mean.?

Hi @Obnurse ... I have the same issue. Did you get any info about this. "There are more than one record that satisfies the conditions".

Looking forward for a favorable response.

have you check your absher?

Sorry I don't have an Absher account.

@Maranthony  ... Actually I don't have an Absher account

Hai I am using this method its show me a average green what is the meaning

Aka. I am almost 3 months in saudi but no iqama. Company also giving me no update. Also getting same status " There are miultiple records that satisfies your condition ". Can any body guide about the meaning of this status. Thanks

Hello how can I find my Iqama number or my kafeel details.. Now I have my passport number..

May I know my iqama number

Call polo you can search it in internet which area you are,,but i can give you in khobar area  *** you can check them or call embassy directly

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You will be given an i.d. and you will find it there.

How to check my iqama number.

Ineed eqama numbee

yes you can

Please how can i know my iqama number with my passport number without border number

Pls how can i use my passport number to know my iqama number. Because I don't know border number. Only passport number i have

How can I check my iqama number by using passport number

you go to jawazat and take your iqama card directly this not a big issue just pay 100 SAR

How to check my iqama

norjanahsaro16 wrote:

How to check my iqama

You can check Iqama Validity through Absher / MOI KSA's Portal.
- Select “English” from the top menu. Then select individual
- Login to your Absher account with your username and password.
- Enter the OTP received via SMS on your registered mobile number.
- Click on the “Query Iqama Expiry Service” option in your account Dashboard.

@akazolo How to check iqama number from passport

Salam. My name is rabnawaz how check my iqama is ready or not my passport number***

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@md anowar satkania


@Novachock Hello  and welcome !

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@akazolmy passport number is*** I want to know my iqama number

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