Can i go vacation while i have still unpaid loan in tabby ?

hi everyone

i have a question hope anyone knows it can answers please...i will go vacation next month in the philippines for 1 month only but i still have remaining payments  in tabby and tamara but i pay it on time ....and my question is....can i still go vacation without any problem in immigration?

hoping anyone can answer with the right answer pls..thank you and godbless you all..


Dear Carlos. You do not need to worry. You can go on your vacation without any hassle. Issue is when you are going on exit only. Then, if you have any outstanding debt, or payment, or even STC, mobily etc payment, your exit Visa can not be stamped. If your exit reentry Visa is issued, you can travel, no issue. If there was any problem, exit reentry Visa will not be issued/stamped.


Hi carlos. .i just want to find out if you travel successfully with existing tabby loans. . Did it go well? Plz need ur answer

@Melissa1992casumpang that's not an issue bro because you are going in single entry visa. If you are going in final exit, then the exit visa it won't get issue unless you clear debts.


in your vacation what happen is there no hastle in immegration? you pass the immegration counter


is there no hastle in the immegration you pass the immegration i need your answer please because im trabelling by next week same your issue i have also loans but im paying every month.thank

@carlosmiguel1988 Hi carlos. .i just want to find out if you travel successfully with existing tamara loans. . Please i need ur answer

coz i will vacaTion next mont for 1 month only.