UAE driving license convert to Saudi driving license


i have UAE driving license still valid 2027. now i am living in riyadh i have iqama want convert to saudi driving license please give me guidance.

@Rehan20106 - easy take appointment at driving school (which takes allot of time) do your medical for license (they will auto upload to the authorities site) go with medical receipt, original UAE license ( they will keep it) copy of pp and iqama.  they will give you the liscense in return Approx cost 150 medical and 300 fees etc..

They will keep the original dubai licence is it why so and when we have to go to dubai in that case can we drive there 

They will keep the original Dubai license.  If you don't have residence in Dubai, you can drive on the Saudi license when you visit. But if you ever move back to Dubai, you might have to go through the whole process again (if it expires).


I want to convert my UAE license I got my iqama recently but I did not receive the card yet only the digital one on absher.

Are they asking for copy of iqama only or they need original iqama ( plastic card ) ?

I have uae driving license but it is expired so can i convert to saudi license is it possible


@rehan20106 hi I have UAE valid license can I convert Saudi Arabia

not directly you , however some classes will be waived for you , you still has to give driving test

@rehan20106 hi I have UAE valid license can I convert Saudi Arabia -@sardarwaqassw222

YES, you can convert it with Saudi driving license. Prepare the necessary requirements and visit the nearest Dallah driving school.

1- Original valid UAE driving license & photocopy

2- Valid iqama ID card & photocopy

3- Company letter or employment certificate attested by Saudi chamber of commerce

4- Fill-in the conversion form and attached required documents

5- Medical test (vision eye test)

6- Pay driving license fee via SADAD ATM or via online banking system.

7- Collect KSA driving license in the releasing window section

With try or without try i can collect license

@RedTrumpet Here you need Hard PP size Photograph as well.  When u go back to UAE , if you want a original License of UAE, they will give u a lost replacement form, pay 150 AED or something, they will issue a replacement DL immediately.. Hope the procedure is clear for all

@XTang  Uae Automatic D/L can b convert to Saudi D/L?

@RedTrumpet do they keep your UAE license?

@XTang how much time processing to exchange?

And is there any enquiry?

If I have an Omani drivers license,  can I use that to drive in Saudi?

@Drexy:  Yes they keep it unless you use one of those agents standing around.  They will take money, you surrender your license and then they go in the backroom to get it for you.

@Kadeer: On the spot if you have all documents

@Debradesousa: Not if you have an Iqama and are driving Saudi number plate car.   You can use it to drive an Omani number plate car even with Iqama (even though technically you shouldn't but no one cares - I have been using the Bahrain one to drive my Bahrain car for 8 years in Saudi :)).

Hi I have UAE driving licence, I came to sawdi 6 month above . Is here any possible to exchange sawdi driving licence.

What's latest update on changing UAE licence to Saudi Arabian one?

If anyone has got it done in recent past, please share details and your experience.


Follow what Red Trumpet said:

Book appointment on Absher appointments at Traffic Police for License conversion. Pay 400 riyals  (10 years license) on SADAD , also on Absher for driving license issue)

1- Original valid UAE driving license & photocopy

2- Valid iqama ID card & photocopy

3- Company letter or employment certificate attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce. (First page of your contract with the Chamber of Commerce stamp and your name is sufficient)(I had Riyadh chamber and submitted in Jeddah, no issues.)

4- Fill-in the conversion form and attached the required documents (Dont have to fill this out, just go to Dallah Driving School and they will do it for you at Counter 8)

5- Medical test (vision eye test) (don't have to print this, automatically available at Absher)

6- Pay the driving license fee via SADAD ATM or via the online banking system. (You can do this on Absher or on the Bank application.)

7- Collect KSA driving license in the releasing window section (Counter 9)

Which option to select in absher appointment time for converting DL from UAE to saudi

And eye test to be taken before appointment taken or after appointment also we can take ?

hi, If my UAE driving license expired how can i exchange to ksa driving license?

Why do many websites and videos say if you are planning to return to UAE within 2 years  then do not convert your UAE driving license to Saudi but better apply a new driving license?

(I currently plan to stay max 1-2 years in Saudi and then eventually move back to UAE)

Anyone with experience, if you could explain.

(I understand the UAE and Saudi systems are connected, because at Saudi they even check if the UAE license has any fines or not etc.)

Because Saudi physically takes your UAE license when they give you a Saudi license (if you convert) and sends it back to RTA.  The license then shows as impounded in your RTA record and it is a pain to get activated / get it back.   If during the impound time, the license expires then you are stuck.   Also, UAE license converts to Saudi but the Saudi license on its own does NOT convert to UAE - you have to do tests etc.

Did found any solution, what is process to get Saudi License if UAE license expired.

@Essamfyz hi, have you done this recently? Any NOCs required from Dubai? Or OK to go ahead with your listed documents?

@XTang thanks. I have also taken a duplicate license in Dubai as a backup now. Recently one of my colleague was able to use the duplicate dubai license in Dubai and purchase car. He moved back from Oman to  Dubai though.

I have UAE bike license can change Saudi bike license

Hello guys... I have a UAE driving license but with 2 categories: Motorbike and manual car. How can I convert this UAE driving licence into a Saudi Motorbike DL and into a Saudi Manual car DL?

Did you manage to change your Motorbike license in here in Saudi Arabia??

Right now I am stuck in it, as no one knows how to change a 2 categories UAE driving licence into a Saudi Arabia Driver license or licenses

    I have UAE bike license can change Saudi bike license


I had Oman LTV license with me and it was valid upto 2026.

I just took an appointment through Absher in Qatif Driving school.

Before 24hrs, i went for medical test. Hopspital asked for 1 picture and cost 101SAR for test (Ahmedhi Hospital Dammam)

Next day i went to Qatif Driving school with copy of Iqama + Oman driving license + appointment print.

They gave me 3 forms in Arabic and English. I asked for help from one of the Arabic guy to fill the forms. After completing all forms i pasted one picture of mine and submitted all documents. Before submitting documents i paid 400SAR for 10 years on the spot. After checking all documents they issued me a replacement Saudi driving license within 5 minutes without any questions or test.

My appointment was 7pm but i went 5:30pm so that i can manage all of the documents. But it was very easy and i was free within no time.

Note - During my search many people posted in platform that they are asking for Company CR paper, fee clearance certificate from Oman and a green file etc. But in my case they didn't ask any of these requirements.


@sardaramer thanks for the detailed information,

have you asked to surrender the original oman driving license?