Can I rent a car

I have exit vissa issued، can I still rent a car to go to Madina

Recently I tried to rent a car in the Riyadh airport, they refused because I have a valid Re-entry visa.

I guess they will not let you rent, but it is better to ask them to make sure.

@butadiene4000 , this also happened to me recently in Yanbu. I was unable to hire a car because I have a valid re-entry / exit visa. I am not sure what is going on, as I cannot drive from Dammam to Yanbu and I am reliant on hiring a car.

I had the same issue this week. Only way around was to get a friend to hire the car and then have me as a named additional driver . That covered me legally to drive the car

Greetings. Also note that those with muti entry Visas will not be able to rent a car at all.

Yes I have a multiple. Anyone have any idea of the logic behind this ? Is it in case you leave with the car?