Bus from Dammam to Doha

Good day all and my apologies for coming here to find information.   I have looked all through the internet and cant find answers, so hopping you could help.

I have tried looking at car hire to go to Doha from Dammam, but no company will do it.   My next option would be a bus.  Is it possible to travel by bus from Dammam into Qatar ?   If so, how can i find any information ?

Many thanks and any help would be appreciated

As far as I know, SAPTCO does not do bus runs to Doha yet.

Private car hire with driver is possible.   I don't know who you are checking with - don't check with car rental agencies, check with limo / transport services.  Although, I should warn you that it will cost a lot...........3000 SAR or more for a return trip.  You are better off taking a flight via Dubai.

Many thanks for your reply.   I'm looking at options to get to the world Cup cheaply, but cant find any options from Saudi except flying and that's when the cost goes up.

Did think of hiring a vehicle, driving to border, parking up and walking in to Qatar....lol


Dear @XTang

U got any information related to your query

me too looking for this information

please share if u have any update


I didn't ask for information; someone else did.


Hello Tony,

Have you succeed to find a way to make it to Doha from Dammam ?

I am also interested to hear what are the options ? And why not even share the road with you if feel so.

Looking forward to hearing from you.