Driving Licence Process in Saudi Arabia

Driving Licence Process in Saudi Arabia
Updated 2011-06-16 10:16


Yes I got it, Before that, I was assuming it will be very tuff and I will have a hard time in order to get the D.L but it's not like that (what I experience).

To begin the story you need to prepare your file, You need the following, Iqama copy, passport copy, visa copy, filled form, medical report, 1 photograph, kafeel letter, copy of the driving license of your country & its translation in Arabic.

Need a letter from your kafeel, get it attest from Chamber of commerce.

Ok, now get the form from driving school, you can find guys there who can fill it for you, get a stamp from Maroor on the picture of you pasted on the form. Without the stamp you won't be able to get a medical report. Medical consist of blood group and eye test.

If you have a driving license of your country then you need a translation of it. This all can be done from driving school.

Go and submit your file, (100 SR admission fee for those who have valid driving licence of their country) he will give you 2 slips, they will ask you to attend the class, you need to come and attend the class, the will teach you about signals and violations point. After that class they will show you how to park the car in the test. Next day, you need to come for the test, The gate will open at 6, so try to come at 6:00 AM. They will give you the file, you have to go park the car at your turn, in case of failure examiner will take your file back. F you passed he will sign and return the file to you.

Next step is the signal test, go to the room, you need to answer 15 correct out of 20 in order to pass the test, they will ask you to pick the file at 2:00 PM.

You have to come at 2:00 to collect the file from reception, pay the fee (400 SR for 10 years) from the office in the school or else online, get the print out of the receipt with you.

Next day come at 6 to collect the license, if you come late you won't be able to get the token for the day. You will get a token, and on your turn the guy will collect the file from you and give the license to you immediately.

Note: This is done in Khobar Driving School, there might be a little change in other schools.

Good Luck!

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