Need medium licence,I 've normal licence

My profession marketing specialists,i 've normal car licence, now I need medium licence,need to change which profession,salesman profession they 'll accept?????

Please help me,,,,

What's a medium license? Do you know its Arabic name? What do want to drive?

Assuming that you are talking about medium/heavy driving license to drive Dyna/lorry, one of the conditions to apply for such type of license is that you have medium driving license issued from home country or any country you had worked before.

Thanks for reply
It's for haice van

Are you sure it needs medium license to drive hiace van?

Yes sure
Otherwise got fine

Is it 4 wheels or 6 wheels


hiace for transportating passengers or frozen stuff? If it is just regular hiace van for goods transport you dont need medium license

my company saying need

Man i work in courier company and we have around 30 hiace vans. People driving it have light vehicle license with no issue.
Those who drive 6 wheel dyna require medium driving license depending on type of dyna. Confirm type of vehicle as getting medium license is a lengthy process.

Thank you dear

My profession is Mechanic i want to make medium licence i have h t v licence from my home country please advise Thanks

What documents and profession required for medium licence

Aslamo aliekum ehtesham bhai my name is muhammad Rehman I want work corriere delivery can u help me I have light license

I have Saudi light licence I want medium havy (amumi) and I have medium (Sayeq saiyara amumi) visa How I can change and how much cost can plz help me

I have a taxi driver licence in ksa but I don't know witch type vehicle I drive in that licence...?

@shavab brother I have same provlem,,,if you get solution,,,please inform me

On car license can we drive passenger van like hiace or H1

On a car license can anyone drive a passenger van like Hiace or H1