Which Rent a Car Company Allows us to go outside of KSA?

Hi all,

I need to go Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.
Which rent a car company allows to go there with rented cars?

I've asked lots of them but they don't know whether they can allow. They told me that ask head office.

I think, I should have someting called "Tefvid" which means authorization or permission in Arabic.

Can anyone knows anything about this issue?


i dont know, but that sounds like a fun road trip!

All car rental companies like HANCO and AVIS will give you a permission letter to drive to Bahrain. Try HANCO. However, for other GCC countries, not a lot will give permission unless you have a wasta.

I rent from budget,you need a saudi licence and all you do is go tell them you need to go to where ever in advance though.May be two days I think

Try with Theeb Rent a Car.They do rent out cars with in GCC travel.
They ve large fleet you may choose from.
But they ll ask for a chamberized authority Letter, if ur job position was other than the manager. Gud Luck.

Also Diplomat rent a car.I ve gud experience with them for visiting Bahrain .

Thanks for your replies.

By the way, I've visit VISA and International Driver License. I don't have Saudi License.
what do you suggest.

I really doubt in that case you will get the car on rent to travel to GCC countries !!

if ur on a visit visa please check if u will be allowed to enter back into saudi, bcoz u need some sort of exit reentry visa to visit Bahrain or any neighboring GCC country.

I've re-entry VISA. By the way, I've gone to Bahrain one time with rented car. But when I try again, they said the car is not allowed to go out from KSA. Car rental company should allow this car to go out.

So I've talked with BEST Rent a car and they said that If I had Iqama, they can give permission from online system, but I don't have iqama so they should get manual authorization from chamber of commerce. So now, I'm waiting reply from them.

By the way, I've asked my old car rental company that I've gone to Bahrain why I can't go anymore. He said that we don't know how they allowed us to go out from KSA. Normally, we didn't issue " tefvid " for you :)

As a result, welcome to Saudi Arabia where decisions can be changed by one's mind :)

Hahaha, that's why it's called as a Magic Kingdom :)

@persmash Did you managed to get a rent a car to drive it to Kuwait ? I am planning the same thing, but so far, if I  got any reply from rent a car companies, it was a refusal .

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