Need to go Bahrain via roadway, need assistance!!!!

I would like to go Bahrain by Road way and I need your suggestion/guidance on below points.
1. Need to catch private cab on sharing basis
2. Need to get VISIT VISA of bahrain for 3 days, whcih costs 10 BD
    I read over site that his visa will be given at Kind Fahd International (manama) airport.
    Did any one you know the private cab facilitators who can pickup from Riyadh and take to Bahrain
3.  Does any have gone through road way and taken the entry visa at bahrain airport.
4. If so please let me know, thanking you Inayatulla

We rented Anfal taxi from Riyadh-Dammam for 600 and from Dammam-Bahrain, we transferred to another Anfal taxi (100/head). We did not pay anything for visa at the border (depends on your profession).

By plane, you will pay SR200 for the visa. That was September last year.

i would say you get on a bus to Khobar / Dammam and from here hire a private taxi. if you need any further support, do let me know. if your profession in iqama is good, you will get 2 weeks entry visa in bahrain, free of cost.

Thank you very much on the response.

If I go by bus where EXIT stamp is tagged to my passport??
Is it at the border of Riyadh?
Please let me know.

Azhai bai,

Assalamu alalikum wrwb,

Thank you so much for the reply.
Don't have any option for shared cabs from dhammam to Behrain.
My profession is consultant and i believe it is also a good position (on which family is allowed)
If I can go through taxi then where can I get the Bahrain Visa.
Please do let me know.


no it will be done @ the land border of KSA with Bahrain, which i near to Al Khobar.

your profession is good enough that you stand a good chance to obtain a tourist visa for 2 weeks free of cost. if you go by road (regardless the mode of transportation), visa will be stamped at the counters of King Fahad Causeway, which connects KSA to Bahrain.

You have few option to travel.

Option 1.
Saptco used to have a direct daily service from Riyadh to Bahrain. You may please inquire it @ the Saptco office in Olaya.

Option 2.
You can travel by Saptco or Train to Dammam and from there get into a private taxi, usually driven by Indians.

Option 3
You can hire a private taxi from Riyadh to Bahrain, but this will slightly more expensive than the other 2 options.

If you need more details, feel free to send me a PM.

Azhar bahi,

Generally EXIT stamp will be tagged generally at AIRPORT if we go by air, In this case where we are going by BUS where should my passport got exit visa stamped.
How much over all fare comes around from

Dhammam -> Bahrain and return of the same back to Riyadh.

Please let me know


please check your private message.

What do you mean by PM, Bhai

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Riyadh to Dammam
Roundtrip 100 SR Maybe

Dammam to Bahrain = Roundtrip 100 SR , on Saptco .

Visa will be stamped at Saudi Immigration Counters on the Bridge ( King Fahd Causeway )  .

When you travel by air , your passports are stamped in Airport .
When you travel by land , your passports are stamped at the border crossing .

Alhumdhilillah sir,

It seems bahrain VISA is free of cost for the profession like Consultant of Information Technology.
Do you have any idea sir, about it.


You can check what kind of the visa is applicable in your case here: … &A0S=a

If you have KSA iqama, most proably you can get your visa directly on a causeway, when you are crossing the bridge.

Just hop in to SAPTCO bus in Dammam/Khobar (6 buses every day, schedule here - … earch.aspx)
or get a taxi (I recommend Careem app, they do have a Bahrain option from Khobar), and present your iqama and passport on the bridge.

Do check the first link to know exactly what kind of the visas they have for your nationality.

Economy  :

Come from Riyadh to Dammam by Train which cost less than SAR 100/-

You can go to SAPTCO bus depo in Dammam (SAR 10/- by taxi )where you can find Bus to Baharan SAR 65/- or nearby you will find sharing taxi option as well.

You will get Bahrain Visa( Causeway ) for 1 week to 2 week by default assuming that you got valid Iqama/Valid exit & re-entry visa in hand. you will get visa free of cost if your profession in Iqamam is higher like Engineer or Marketing Manager etc. Otherwise, you need to pay very nominal fees and sometime officer there let you go without any charges.

Hope the above is helpful to you.

Nice information thanks bro ,i want to know in Causeway taxi are available for Cross-border taxi service proposed from Bahrain to Saudi ?
If yes so what is the charges?

From Saudi Arabia to Bahrain by Road Travel( Causeway ) you need below items :

1. Valid Iqama + Multiple re-entry exit Visa
2. You can travel by Saptco Bus from Dammam/Khobar, private taxi, sharing taxi if available.
3. Visa you will get on the Causeway. The visa will be free if your rank in the Iqama is higher, otherwise there is nominal charges.
4. With the final exit Visa , you can't travel this way.

Hopefully, the above is clear .

On 8 jan 2020i need a complete taxi to take me from last gas station on saudi side to saudi immigrqtion and U turn for purpose of multi entry business visa 90 day exit and re enter option.  How much?  We are two persons and i wud park saudi rent a car for that duration. Regards nv reddy

Standard rate for a taxi to go to Bahrain is around 300 SAR one-way.  You would need to negotiate for a U turn only - up to your negotiation skills.

@Nvreddy I had the same situation. My 1 year mutiple visit visa was about to expire after 90 days of stay so wanted to just do a UTurn in the saudi-bahrain causeway. I tried searching and found out about dammam to bahrain taxi service. The driver only charged me 250 Riyal(This was 2 years back). He even picked me up and dropped me back home in Khobar. Would really recommend.

Try searching for Noorha Transport dammam to bahrain taxi on google. They will help you out!

@nadeem_ali.  May i know contact number of this driver