Do I need to authorize my car to my wife ?

Dear all, do I need to authorize my car to my wife in order to allow her to drive inside and outside KSA legally. I have been trying to authorize her in Absher however it keep saying "Cannot Proceed, Alien with exit/reentry visa can only have external delegations". I dont know what that means. So i am wondering if i really must authorize her, if family member is allowed to drive spouse`s car by default.  Appreciate and looking forward your insight.

My wife and i we all have Iqama and KSA driving license, we also have valid exit/reentry visa as well. 

@WZYNEW2001 Yes, you can authorize your wife to drive your car for both domestic and international travel. The exit reentry must. be issued to be able to issue an international driving authorization. In case the vehicle is financed by a bank, you'd need to contact the bank to issue the authorization.

If you both are traveling, you just don't need one.

@WZYNEW2001 I am having the same issue: Cannot Proceed. MV3453E: Alien with exit/reentry visa can only have external delegations". Does anyone managed it?

@marcelomamigonian  i am still not able to solve this issue till now. Tried many things already, i even borrowed one of my friend`s Iqama number but still could not authorize him to drive my car. but his wife is able to logged on her absher account and authorize him to drive her car.

@WZYNEW2001 Hi yes you need to authorise your wife to drive your car and renew this every 6 months. The Absher system has a technical glitch currently so you have to go with your wife to the traffic office. Ensure your car is legal ie inspection is in date, bring iqama, drivers license and car registration card.  The officers will process the authorisation. Try to bring an Arabic speaking person along as this makes it smoother.

@WZYNEW2001 Hi, yes you do. The absher app currently has a glitch so you'll need to go to the traffic office along with your wife, her iqama, her drivers license, and the car registration. Ensure the car is legal ie Inspection Certificate is valid.  Also try to bring along an Arabic speaking friend as it helps with the process. The authorisation is valid for 6 months then you need to repeat the process.

Dear Sir

i am going on leave for 15 days as i am from pakistan and have to authorise my friend to drive my car in my absent, all istamara,  insurance and iqama  are  friend is indian national so can i give authorization. If yes so what doucments required and from where i can do it. waiting for your kind reply.