Saudi Driving License

Procedure to get Saudi Driving License
Documents needed to open a file
o    Iqama copy
o    4 Passport size photos
o    Passport copy (Front and back)
o    Visa page (when entered the Saudi) if possible.
o    Indian driving license or Home country driving license
o    Translation of home country driving license

•    Go to Takhasussi Dallah driving school at 8 am.
•    Get help from people standing there or contact (Mr. Alivi +966 53 864 2393) to create a file. He will help you with everything for a small fee (SR 20)
•    After translation, you have to go to for eye checkup, this guy will help you shuttle to and fro from dallah to clinic and to dallah.
•    After this, goto Hall no. 2, on the left side a person in the counter will check all your documents and will put a stamp on it.
•    After stamping the documents, go out for driving test (this is to check whether you know driving or not).
•    If you want to make the test in an automatic car, ask the instructor sitting there for it, else he will give you manual gear car.
•    If you pass the test, he will put a mark in your file and ask you to go back to Hall no. 2. If you fail, he will put fail stamp, and ask you to go for class for 5 days.
•    After passing the test, go to hall no. 2, on the counter license check, he will verify your Home country license and ask you to pay SR 100 for computer test.
•    You have to submit 4 passport size pics along with SR 100 and he will keep your file, with home country license and give you a slip and ask you to come on a particular day (max within 2 days) for computer class.
•    On the day of computer class, the instructor will give you a sheet with signals, road signs and question & answer. The details of driving will be instructed to you on the same day.
•    About 300 people will attend the class, those 300 people will be divided into 3 groups and be given the dates to attend the Computer Test.
•    Computer test is easy if you know the road signs or download app (KSA DALLAH) in android store and App store as well. One Mock test is free and to try other tests, you have to pay for it.
•    On the Test day, you have to be there in dallah by 7 am, for computer test. To pass the computer test, you have to answer 15 questions correctly, else you will fail.
•    If you fail, they will ask you to come for classes for 5 days.
•    After passing the computer test, you will be directed towards the driving test.
•    Here also you have to ask for automatic car (if you need) to the police officer, standing there.
•    The reverse parking is very important, make sure you have practiced before going for the test. You are judged by reverse parking.
•    If you fail, you have to come for classes for 3 days, before going for the test again.
•    After finishing your test, you should wait in waiting area, where they will give you the results of the driving test.
•    If the instructor, gives you the slip it means fail, you have to come to classes, if they give the file back to you with home country license, then you are passed.
•    If you passed the test, you have to pay SR 400 (10 yrs license validity) on your iqama, and go to Hall no. 1 and arrange your documents and get the token and wait for your turn.
•    When your turn comes, go to the counter and submit your file. Within 15 mins, you will get

i don't have a driving from my home country, i am planning to take license here in KSA, can someone please tell me how many classes do i need to attend what are the timing which is more important for me because i work in office from 8 to 4, Thank You !