Importing Car to Saudi Arab from UAE


I have recently moved to Riyadh, KSA from UAE. I have the valid Iqama (Saudi Residency) and valid UAE residency (Emirates ID handed over to my previous employer). Also, my UAE driving license has been cancelled and now I'm  holding Saudi driving license.

I am planning to buy a car from UAE and then import it to Saudi; my question is that whether I can drive that car from UAE to Saudi or not? If yes, how? if not, why not?

1. UAE Visa is valid but I don't have the Emirates ID
2. Valid Saudi Iqama
3. Valid Saudi Driving LIcense

I think last year or the year before that the KSA govt stopped imports of cars from UAE.
You may want to further research this.

Try to contact a car dealer he will advice to if there is a possibility or he can import for you ! if you don't get any car dealer then i can provide you some numbers.

Well, you can still import from UAE to Saudi. There is no such restriction.

zubair_raja wrote:

Well, you can still import from UAE to Saudi. There is no such restriction.

Yes you can import cars from any GCC country to SAUDI, but there are some conditions to it. I bet this subject was discussed on the forum once. You can search it on the forum. I tried to look but can't find.

Good luck :)

I have gone through those posts but my case is different. I want to drive car from UAE to Saudi with Saudi Iqama and Saudi driving license. Is it possible?

Dear Members, I have recently gone through the process I will make it in bullets so that same can be easily understood.
Let me first introduce my case I was living in dubai having 4 years old car there, I moved to Saudi Arabia.  once I got my documentations here I imported my car by driving myself.
Procedure is:
- In dubai you have to go Tasjeel for testing and getting a export number plate which is valid for 14 days along with insurance that you will buy from same tasjeel office, remember you car registration will be replaced by a paper export cerificate.
- Once you reach saudi border you have to go to customs office, where you will be alloted to customs agent who will prepare export documents called "Bayan" and Gate Pass. he will make 2 sets for you, one you will hand over to UAE authorities and second one is for Saudi customs department.
- Once you cross UAE border your car will not be allowed to enter unless you pay customs duty.
- First you have to got to customs department the will value you car, for me they increase the value by 10% over declared in "Bayan" it UAE border, duty is 5% of value assessed by them and around SR 400 they will charge for customs clearance and temporary number plates this take around 1 hour time.
- There after you can cross the border and enter KSA, temporary number plate issued will be valid for 15 days.
- After reaching your City you have to go to Saudi Specialized laboratories the will charge SR 300.
-There after you have to again go to customs department in city nearest to you, they will issue a printed slip.
- Next step will be vehicle inspection upon showing customs slip.
- After passing inspection you have to get you car insured.
- Records will take a day to update on next day you can go to police station for final registration along with filled registration form where you will attach customs receipt, where you have to hand over temporary number plates the will issue you new plates and vehicle registration card that will complete the whole process.

For me there was not big hassle all department were very cooperation, although I did know arabic and they don't know english, I completed all the process by myself without involving GRO of company etc.

Hopeful this will be helpful for you.

Very Informative and helpful it would be good if you create a new topic and put all this information there in the new Topic with a Title, so that it will be helpful to others who search for this info in future on this website.

Hi Dear, I am very late to read your post but my query is that is there any limitation of model of car your supposed to import. like 5 year old car or so. thanks

Yes. You cannot import the car more than 5 years old. In 2019, the allowed models are 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.  This is very clearly mentioned on Saudi Customs official website

The only thing I am wondering is VAT.  Will the VAT be applicable if a resident buys car from UAE and importing to KSA?

Very valuable ideas/suggestions.

What about the car bought with car loan from Dubai Islamic Bank?
Shall I first clear the loan before driving to Saudi? Or the car loan could be transferred to Saudi Bank?

I have Nissan patrol 2018 V6
I want to export my car to  ksa, I make all the necessary things like export passing,insurance, export paper
Bit now bassami transport is saying that this car will not enter into ksa
Because it is not zero meter
Please help me if anyone knows regarding


Expat Living in Jeddah and need to buy a car from UAE or USA, Canada , Can anyone help with latest update procedure ?


Simple buy car here in UAE
then export to ksa
Model should be 15 or above

Thanks for your kind reply , But need its full detail (procedure ,Paper work) its help more if someone import recently can could share his experience


Can you please provide me the contact details of the car transport agent from UAE to Saudi

Can you provide your contact details. I want to bay a car from UAE

I am planning to buy a Dodge challenger 2017 from Dubai .is it possible to import from Dubai to KSA
If it it can be


My car model is 2015. Will I still be allowed to import the vehicle


No, 2016 onwards.

Can anyone please give me a number of a car dealer who can transport a car from Dubai to Abha KSA

Ali Zee93 wrote:

Can anyone please give me a number of a car dealer who can transport a car from Dubai to Abha KSA

Al bassami

I want go in saudi Arabia am here in dubai 
Tell me what's need to take me. and its cost how much money  that's my number  ***

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I'm moving from UAE to Saudi and I want to send my car. Please can I get some help, I have a Honda Civic 2017 model. As per the UAE mulkiya (registration) the model year is 2017, however the manufacture date on the door of the car is written as November 2016. Can I know which year does the saudi customs take into consideration and if I can send my car. Also will be really helpful if I can know any good shipping company.

Hi .. this info provided is good. Please clarify me the below

If we entry 1st time saudi on employment visa, car can be taken right.?  Normally I am in dubai and in employment visa. Got job in Saudi.. I have car here in Dubai. So my doubt is that to get my car to Saudi permanently ,is Iqama must? And to get the export.plate in Tasjeel what are the documents required.  Rest explanation explanation u is good. Please message 🙏

Hi did you get any reply in your inquiry? I want to do the same.

I didnot get the reply till now

have anyone imported car recently from UAE to Saudi?

want to know the updated procedure.

@aarehan Can i do all this procedure if I am travelling with Work Visa. Because after I reach KSA only, i will get iqama & license. Pls. advise.

@globalrama I have a similar situation. Pls. reply if you have already found the solution/ response to your query.

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Please any one confirm that this for exporting car only.not for who is in business visa. They can't change no. Plates. Please advise.

Also check weather this news is correct or not.anyone verify it 

You cannot change to Saudi plates on a business visa.  You need to have an Iqama.
If you really want to import your vehicle from UAE to Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a number of steps. I would suggest you read this article. Importing Cars to Saudi Arabia from UAE. Info in bits and pieces won't help you. Read in details 

I came in 2018 from UAE and in 2019 I brought a CAR model 2013 from UAE by Land trucking. Since then Im driving on a UAE number plate. If anyone can help me and explain how I can transfer on the KAS number plate.

if not then do it authorised to drive UAE# plate CAR in KSA. What authorization do I need if there is any?
Hi Sheeraz,

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I hope other members clarify that for you. Meanwhile, I invite you to check the Saudi Arabia forum, where you may find others threads covering this subject.

Vero team
@aarehan how much in estimate did it cost you in total?
I can see 400SAR+300SAR
Any other costs

@aarehan thank you. This is very helpful

@aarehan I have same option but one question …is iqama required for this because my company shifting to Saudi Arabia..I am planning to take car on entry visa


This is very accurate. Thanks for sharing. I just followed this process.

Just want to add that in addition to 5% customs duty they also charge 15% VAT on the declared / assessed value of car.


Yes, they charged me 15% VAT which was 3 times more than customs duty.