Jobs in the Middle East

Updated 2013-06-24 05:34

Very nice source of job announcements across the Middle East and north Africa, with some additional coverage of other countries. maintains 12 regional offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Kuwait, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Casablanca, Doha, Dubai, Eastern Province, Jeddah, Manama, and Riyadh, and contact information for all is available. The site is fully functional in Arabic, English, and French, and job seekers can do a lot of searching and reviewing of jobs and other career information before registering (free).


Career Intelligence

Source of director jobs, VP jobs, and CEO jobs in the Middle East plus some other countries / regions of the world. They say they pre-screen the postings so you only see legitimate and appropriate listings. You can do a minor amount of searching and limited viewing without registering, but if you are at this level of experience and interested in the geographic areas they present, you may want to register. Scroll to the bottom of the front page to see a menu of what is currently in the database by Location, Industry, Function, and Career Level. They offer a free membership along with 2 levels of paid membership. is privately owned by The Methuselah Group Ltd., based in Hong Kong.

Career Midway

"A real midway among employers and job seekers to post and find their job in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Middle East. Employment and career opportunities of all categories in Government and Private Sector." According to their About Us, this is essentially a labor of love by a group of volunteers (students and others) who work to pull together job listings in these countries from a variety of resources. There is no contact information and while you can submit job applications online to employers who will accept them (they note those that do not), there is no real indication of where your application is going. You will have to judge this resource according to your own comfort levels. It is free and covers a unique niche in the online job market. In English.

Danger Zone Jobs

Defense contractors & private military". If you are truly up for the adventure, this is a good place to look. There is a fee for access to the member area, but this includes job listings, company profiles, and the like. There is a good amount of free info you can review before pulling out the credit card, including many articles, so you can make a very informed decision about joining.

Gulf Jobs Market

Based in London, UK, this site specializes in the IT, Telecoms, Banking, Finance, Oil and Gas sectors in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC and Pan-Arab countries. At the time of review there were over 1500 open job announcements posted here browsable by industry or country or found using keywords. While all visitors can search the site and review announcements, you will be required to register and post your resume/CV in order to apply for those jobs. This free, but please review the privacy policy and terms and conditions closely before you create this account. The only contact information provided is a phone number in London, so understand how your personal information will be used prior to registering. For persons who are extremely interested in finding work in this region, the Careers Advice section is filled with useful information.

Gulf Job Sites

An independent directory and search engine covering job and employment related websites from the Arabian Gulf / Persian Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and Iran. In addition to all these links, it hosts its own job board. Job seekers are strongly urged to read the article on How to Use This Site before jumping in with both feet.

Habson Supplies

A leading HR professional management organization in India offering placement and recruiting services around the world through a network of associates. Many of the listings they currently host are for placements in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern locations as well as India.

Naukri Gulf

F>rom the creators of, the job site for India, comes a nice looking site for the Middle East. Registration is not required to search and review listings here, but it will make the application process much easier. They cover more countries than they show on the front page, but not all countries in their "browse" list have jobs at all times. Still, it is well populated and a very easy-to-use site.

Recruit Gulf

Operated by folks with many other regional sites around the world, this one focuses on the Middle East / Persian Gulf region. Registration is not necessary to search and apply for the positions listed here, but it is free, will put your resume in front of recruiters for 90 days, and allows you to set up job alerts and save information on your applications. At this time I suggest you go ahead and search by location over industry or job category as some of those fields are empty. Some very good career info in the resource section.

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