Attestation of IGNOU Degree Certificates

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i am currently working in Saudi Arabia on a technician Visa. i have done BCA and MCA  from  Indra Gandhi National Open University  IGNOU.  i want to change my profession to engineer and for that i need to have my academic degrees attested by  Saudi cultural and saudi embassy.   i know they are not recognizing IGNOU degrees.   i want to know is there any workaround or is there any chance if saudi cultural has any plans to recognize IGNOU degrees.

if you have any information in this regard, please share

Just IGNOU degrees are not accepted ?

Or other Open Degree are acceptable ?

All Open degrees not accepted.  however,  IGNOU has the highest standard of education and it is run by Govt of India and it established by Acts of Parliament,  no one should have objection to degrees issued by IGNOU.

Just in Saudi are these degrees not accepted?

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I am also having B.A degree from IGNOU and planning to bring my family. currently I am working in Dammam with a freight forwarding company with a profession of Marketing specialist. Since I am in sales fileld I don't think I should have any issues. Will I  have a problem though?

I heard that IGNOU is a central university and its degrees are well accepted everywhere and even they are educating people in Saudi Arabia by making partnerships. Its very strange if Saudi Arabian Embassy is not accepting their degrees for attestation.

Kindly advise what is the alternative or other documents to be produced in order to convince Saudi cultural dept.

There is no alternative.   we can just request the HRD ministry to pressure the saudi embassy to reconsider their decision to attest the IGNOU degrees.   please write mail to HRD people and if possible,  bring in the notice of  Simriti Irani, the  HRD minister in current government.


Get in touch with Al hind travels, Delhi...

If they say it's possible, then it''get attested if not, pay up the authorities here around 10-12 k by getting in touch with some middleman to obtain your family visa...


Hi Muneer/Ali,

Has anyone got the IGNOU degree certificate attested ?

@Muneer.dar did you get the IGNOU certificate attested ??

@gunner757 yes. Only in gcc. My colleagues with IGNOU works and , joined for higher education in European countries and Canada. The gulf is still in dark age

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