Profession changing in iqama

Hi. This is Thouseef from India. Currently am working in Riyadh. Currently my profession in iqama is foundation digger and I need to change it to engineer I heared that the process of changing profession in iqama has been cancelled. Please advise is that true or not.

You need to make membership on Saudi Engg Council website and upload the following Documents there.

1) Letter of Introduction from your company on which profession you are working (example: Software Engineer ). It should be stamped from Chamber of Commerce office. (In Arabic Ghufa Tijariya).
2) All Engineering Certificates Stamped from Saudi Embassy in your Country (Ethopia).
3) Present Iqama Copy.
4) Letter of Authorization which you can download from SEC Website when you are about to finish your registration process. Sign this letter and Scan it and upload it again.

All the above Documents should be scanned and uploaded from your SEC registration ID.

There is also a member ship fees and registration fees which you have to pay online on SEC website, Which is 500 SR and 750 SR.

And if you already have an Iqama then 1000 SR should be paid to Jawazat office which is the fees for change of profession on your Iqama.

Well i am hearing this for the first time that they stopped. I will find out about it and let you know whether it is stopped or still they are changing professions on iqama.

Thank you

Thank you.

I also have a doubt regarding this if anyone knew about the new rules (2017 august) please give a it possible to change the profession in iqama if we have an saudi embassy and cultural attested certificate as per new rule??

Me also facing same problem can u advice me regarding this please share ur what's App number this my number ***. I registered in sce the said as If approved, the profession can not be changed to an engineer. If you only want to join the board, we hope to se

Hoping ur reply

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I have heard the same from my own HR and as well as from the HR of my friends  company. They also mentioned that the issue work visas has been suspended.

Yaa the stop only the give visa for higher green and gold clour company

Please share if there is any alternate way.

i am having the same problem.

there is a new rule that any profession shall not be changed to engineer profession.

also, issue of new engineer visa is stopped permanently as informed my hr

they are been trying to do this for 2 months now and they cant even move a bit.

this is to facilitate the saudi engineering students to fill the engineering vacancies.

i think there are no other options left out now rather than just staying in the professions what you have come in

Yes its closed, now you have wait and watch for any new announcement.

I am trying another channel. I will write an article about the success here when I am getting one.


Is it stopped only for changing to Engineering profession or for any profession change? Update whether it is temporary or permanent?

I guess it is for all profession change.


I am anxiously awaiting your feedback.

Dear All,

Please ping me after 2 weeks and I will let you all know if this is working positive.


Hi guys,

I called MOL toll free no. and enquired about Profession Change. They said website is undergoing some changes , it will take some time to resume the service. And, if we want to do immediately we can approach MOL directly according to them. You guys can also try calling this no.19911 and confirm In sha allah … ABIA/Expat

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Starting Jan. 1, foreign engineers with less than five years of experience will no longer be recruited, the Saudi Council of Engineers has confirmed.

Engineering companies involved in urgent projects have been given a three-month deadline to terminate the contracts of inexperienced engineers who applied for recruitment before the decision.

Expatriate engineers will also have to undergo a professional test and a personal interview to ensure that they are familiar with the profession and its specialization.

The new rule overrides a previous decision by the Saudi Council of Engineers which required a three-year experience, a personal interview and a professional test as minimum conditions for the recruitment of expatriate engineers.

The Council stressed that engineers will bear the consequences if submitted documents fail to prove the required experience.

The aim of this decision is to provide the opportunity for Saudi engineers, to create jobs for them in the engineering sector, and to empower them so that they can gain experience in engineering fields.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has supported the decision of the Saudi Council of Engineers to stop recruiting expatriate engineers with less than five years of professional experience.

In August, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) and Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) reached an agreement to stop recruitment of expatriate engineers with professional experience of less than five years.

Dr. Jameel Al-Baq'awi, chairman of the SCE, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Qattan, undersecretary for labor policies in the ministry, said the agreement would provide more jobs to Saudi engineers in the government and private sectors.

Plz let know if the profession change is banned by the government or still profession can be changed

No idea, hope its no. But when I spoke with MOL toll free no. they said they said system undergoing changes. If want to change profession can be done manually..Pls, confirm if anyone else changed...

Is there any problem to come to saudi in Accountant visa ? Is this profession reserved for saudis?

Anybody can help?

yes this profession is reserved for locals and i think they even dont stamp this visa on your passport when you apply for visa stamping.

Thanks Kaby for your quick response,,

So is it possible to transfer labor to accountant if i reach there?

Profession change service has temporally stopped now

Not possible even to transfer now to professions which are in reserved category. Since 2 months profession change was stopped, no body was able to transfer professions from any to any type.

Changing professions in Iqamah is currently unavailable after the announcement of forbidding changing any profession to engineer. While the decision made was not to change any professions to engineer, the whole system was suspended to upgrade it.

I heard they already open the system to change professions. How far it is true? any idea. But, changing to engineering profession is still the same (suspended). When I contacted MOL, they said system is open.

Anyone got their profession changed other than engineer. Pls Update

Is there any update about system ? Anyone knows when they are starting again ??

Please update ...

No Updates yet . Did anyone hear from their HR for profession change. Is it temporarily suspended or permanent. If permanent do u have any authentic source?

Bro, its just temporary and can't be permanent.

Can any one say profession is changing or not

Still waiting for this news. Any one knows about it ???


I requested my company to change my profession on iqama as i cannot get family visit visa. the company PRO says the icon from MOL disappeared, they called as asked them they say there is some technical issue and will be resolved soon and they said its not only for our company but for other companies as well. Till date the icon is still now there. If anyone get any update please inform me so i can call and tell him to change.


Any update when it will be resumed again. As my company GRO says he called them they say its technical fault and will be updated on the website again. any news?

Insha allah, hoping for good news. I am also waiting for this process to get over. Lets see

Any Update related to profession change in Iqama guys. Did u guys hear anything from your HR?

Not Yet still the same situation

Someone please share the screenshot of suspended page because I am in trouble.. Or please text me if there is any other option for profession change on ***

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