Profession changing in iqama


Any update Iqama profession change. Can not bring family on my current profession.


Hi, I called on MOL helpline day before yesterday, They said changing in profession is temporarily closed by MOL and there is no timelines defined when they will open it. My profession is computer technician and my visa was rejected by Istiqdam. I have to change the profession since I am suffering visa issue since last 2 months.. any advice what shall be done?

My issue also same. I am waiting since 2 months, they are saying it's undergoing some changes and service will resume but not giving any approximate time when expected to open. … -in-iqamas

It seems they stopped permanently...Good Luck guys......!!!

They are not stopping just pay the fee of SR.1000 to MOI

Its already paid, everyone here facing this issue since 2 months...

There is problem now in the system of Ministry of Labor since Sept. 7, 2017 where the company require to have at least 50% saudi employees or based on your company color code if this in yellow color the you will wait to resolve your company to Green. May we expect this month will be resolve according to my company which suffering on this problem. Our iqamas were on hold until to-date.


Still waiting for change of profession on iqama. Any idea when system starting working ???

I also heard the same news.Is it true ? if so what we can do next

I am also have same issue regarding profession change from normal labor to marketing specialist.Anyone can give advise about how to change if  the ban on change in profession is still undergo?I want to take my family for 6 months in visiting visa.Is it possible now?

Dear thouseef..

I am also having the same issue.But I dont know how to overcome.Anyone can give us a proper advise?

Let's wait and see, Nobody having clear picture. I call MOl toll free, they said MOl is counting people on each profession in every company so they are holding for a moment. Soon they will resume According to them but doesn't have idea when. Let's hope for good Insha allah

Anyone has the exact reason why they ban profession change facilility. Are they intimated this action to all companies(time period) in order to take necessary steps in order to overcome this crises?

Anyone has the exact reason why they ban profession change facilility. Are they intimated this action to all companies(time period) in order to take necessary steps in order to overcome this crises?

extremely worried, pls advise brothers.

No idea brothers, I am also facing same issue. It seems they banned it without any intimation as usual. Let's wait and see if anything will happen good Insha Allah. I am really frustrated the way the rules are being made, suddenly one day link to change profession is disabled by MOl and nobody knows when it will open.

Today my hr said my application is submitted and accepted for change of profession from building carpenter to computer technician but he said by this thursday it will change. I hope it will change. He approached the mol by appointment, first it was rejected and today he took appointment and went again.he said done but i have not seen update in moi,he said it will update on thursday.

Hi Syed, Pls update once done

Hi Syed,

Are you sure of this? The HR in my company told me that currently it is impossible to change the profession on the iqama due to the freeze. I need to change it because I'm getting rejected from the Istiqdam office because my profession doesn't match my degree from university.

Please do let me know if you were successful in changing it.



I am also have the same issue.Any one can give exact solution.I also intent to bring my family.what should do now?Any new report or updates in this issue.

Hi all
Insha allah once done i will update.

OK. thanks. please update.we are eagerly waiting for your update

Bhai i got a job but the company wants me to change my can i change my profession to computer programmer or a technician , or else ill lose this job.please help me

no idea dear.If anyone have solution share the solution.I am also in trouble.

Anxiously waiting for any positive news, pls update brother.

brother whats the update on profession change ? pls advise us

is it stopped right? no more positive update from MOL?

Iqama profession change is currently blocked by MOL until further notice. Still no updates and MOL didn't disclose when they will open it. You can  contact their helpline.

Is there any positive News ????

Dear brother, As I mentioned that still there is no update from MOL and  they didn't disclose anything. I am facing similar issue.


They refund the membership amount or not ?? if we r not eligible for their requirements??

Hi guys, if anyone get update regarding profession change, please update, till today there is no option
i want to get visit visa for my family, and my profession on iqama as labor, (aamil)
can i get visit visa for my family on this profession. if anyone have experience share with me.

My Profession also labor and want to change i apply family visa on labor profession last week but its rejected from MOFA. guyz any update for profession change.. may be they will start next year with new policy.

Syed2047 :

Hi all
Insha allah once done i will update.

Any Update regarding profession change ???

Dear Brothers,

There is no update till know. however today i have spoken with my HR, he said on Sunday he is going to jawazat office to makes things clear. if i get any update i will share with all.

please  let us know ,here , thanx

Sir any update regarding proffession change,

any favorable reply from jawazat...

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