Mixed Marriage Process in Morocco

I did that mistake. Found a lady from Morocco, Went there to marry and she arrived in to UK after me sponsoring for her visa. Just after arrival she imposed false allegations of domestic nature and I got arrested. Next month will be the court trial (September 2018). She planned very well to put me into the domestic nature troubles so that she could officially secure her stay in UK.

Am sorry to hear that but that’s the reality of Morocco women they just use people that’s there nature of most of them but not all. Should be real careful most of them are just selfish , demanding, greedy and lie a lot. Have to spend good one year time before judging who you are going to marry bro. I hope she will be punished for her intentions.

I think it’s easy to find it in google in Rabat ,
This is what I could come up with. Good luck

https://maps.google.com/maps?safe=stric … IgAQ%3D%3D

Yes bro, it’s very unfortunate. I spent all my savings around 10 grands. I feel so sorry for my self and her family too. Whilst  I was there her family was great to me. No issues regarding her family. She is always aggressive , shouting, screaming. I’m glad it’s ending in a difficult way.
Cheers for your support bro.

Well I have also been in the same shoes but I didn’t go far when I see a red flag it’s time to just walk away , cause being happy is most important thing in life we don’t want to end up with people who will hurt us. Well alhamdulillah for everything me to learned it the hard way however didn’t take it that far.

But we got to trust other to allow ourselves an opportunity. If they behave in that way , we r helpless. I am just trying to establish a simple family. What do they have to behave like that. I really can’t understand.

How are you?
Ok  these are the addresses:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Avenue F.Roosevelt -Rabat- Maroc

Tel: 00212 537 76 15 83/76 11 23

Fax: 00212 537 76 55 08 /76 46 79

Place de la Mamounia, BP 1015, Rabat

Tel: 00212 537 73 29 41 à 46

Fax: 0537 73 47 25

Take care

Bad intention bro the world is a crazy place

Hi all,

I really need some help. I have just come back from travelling around the world and I am now applying for jobs back home in the UK.

Whilst on my travels I met the most amazing man in Morocco. After speaking to him everyday for several months, I went back to Agadir to see him and we just fell in love. He is everything that I have ever wanted in a man and we have so much in common. We are the same age (25), we share the same values and want the same things in life.

So we have decided to get married because I really feel like he is the one. Now my only concern is that I have been travelling around the world courtesy of my parents and haven’t actually worked for 2 years. I have read on several forums that I am required to take a letter of employment or 3 months worth of payslips to Morocco in order to get married.

However on the UK Moroccan Consulate website it states that a woman does not actually need this.

On Website:

Please note that women do not require the following documents:

*   Certificate of conversion to Islam.

*   Proof of employment along with the last 3 months pay slips.


So I am a little confused because the last thing I want to do is get to Agadir with my family to get married and then the court denies our marriage because I did not provide an employment letter or wage slips.

In addition to all of this, I would just like to make everyone aware that I am fully aware of the spouse visa requirements for the UK and the income threshold. So I am looking for a job and will start working as soon as possible to meet these requirements. I also have some savings so this should help.

So my question basically is do I need employment proof as a woman to get married to my Fiancé in Agadir?

Thanks :)

Please be careful marrying some one from Morocco. I am from UK too. I married a lady from Morocco spent quite a lot of money. Also sponsored for her visa.  she arrived in to the country. Just after one month she imposed false allegations in me and I got arrested and on bail now waiting for the court date. For a Moroccan marrying someone is like winning a big lottery. Please read others experience in this website. I wish you good luck. Take care.

Look up Daniel pipes website it's an eye opener

Where is the website ?
Will you post the website please? Cheers.

That’s really sad to hear. You do hear of these stories all of the time and it is upsetting. I hope that your situation is resolved soon so that you can move on with your life and find true happiness.

So a little bit of background info on how I met my Fiancé. We basically met through some mutual friends whilst I was in Morocco and we took each other’s number. He then added me on Instagram.  On his Instagram I saw that he has actually travelled all around the world including the UK. So instantly we had a lot in common. His 2 brother’s also live in France and have French Nationality. He also has a sister who has been living in the US for 20 years. So he has ample opportunity to move from Morocco and settle in these countries with the help of his siblings but he hasn’t and according to him he wasn’t planning to anytime soon. This is because he has a really good job in Morocco and is living very comfortably there.

However I came along and we just fell in love. Initially he wanted me to live in Morocco with him because he said he has a good life there and can provide for me easily but I refused due to some personal reasons and he understood. So with some persuasion he has agreed to move to London after we get married.

So overall he comes from a very good family and is highly educated, well travelled and has a really good job. So I’m not worried about him using me for a visa etc because he has other opportunities to move out of Morocco if he wishes.

Anyways, we will see what happens because first of all we need to get married. Ideally I want to get married to him next month then just start working afterwards for at least 6 months to start the spouse visa process. I want to get the marriage out of the way first because I doubt that I will get time off when I start a new job.

So my question comes back to do I need this letter of employment in order to get married to him in Agadir? Reading some threads I have seen that women from the UK bring this paper but the authorities don’t even bother with it when they are going through the paperwork. This is because on the Moroccan consulate website it states that women do not need to provide proof of employment.

Just Google  Daniel pipes ...click on his website..its a middle eastern forum, their you can find different topics of conversation etc forums, if you go to top right hand of home page , you will see different topics of discussion, their is a page called "special page on muslim men and kafir women" it has numerous stories from many women who have been duped by mid eastern men, not just women but men also, men who have also been duped for green cards and visas . I advise anyone who is in a relationship with someone from those countries to read first. Eye opener believe me , unbelievable what some people are capable of doing to their fellow human beings  :|

Yes there are some terrible stories on there. It is quite disheartening to read them but given the situation with my Fiancé I don’t think he is out to do me over. We’re both the same age, we are both quite attractive people and our cultures aren’t actually far apart from each other. So we think alike. This is because I’m half Lebanese and half English. My mother is from Lebanon (born in the UK) and my father is English. So although my Mum was bought up as a Muslim I wasn’t. However I have seen her side of the family practice and have even celebrated Eid with some of my Uncle’s etc. So I am quite acquainted with Arab tradition’s and the culture. My Fiancé obviously likes this and we do find that we have a lot in common which has helped to build our relationship and create this strong bond that we have.

So my question still reverts back to the paperwork that I need for this marriage. Is the letter of employment essential for a foreign woman to get married in Morocco?

Also ladies can you tell me your experience of the paperwork that you submitted when getting married in Morocco and whether or not the letter of employment was taken into consideration.


Regarding your employment papers and payslips I suggest you to discuss with your Moroccan fiancé. Because he can make some enquiries locally. This way you can also  see how serious he is.
Good luck.

Good luck to you in your future together I hope you get the info you need to pursue

Kindly ask him to go to Adul and ask him what documents are required for marrige once he gives the details u can start working on it, accepting islam I think is important and a friend of mine who was a guy did it in front of Adul and got his certificate, still as I said ask your future husband to go and check it out with Adul. I am to under the process of getting married in oct in agadir. Wish u all the best.

Hello brother
I know you
You know me?
I need your help in mixed marriage process

Why didn’t he gave you all the info you need? He is the native son of the land, is he not?

I have posted my opinion on this matter regarding foreign women getting in a relationship with Moroccan men.

There are three points to follow:
1. Your man must have more money than you. Liquid assets, not just real estate holdings belonging to his family.
2. His family must have more money than your family.
3. He has travelled a lot and quite often to other countries that required visas for Moroccan to visit. The gold standard is of course US or Canada.

If even one of the above points is not met, even just one, you are opening yourself to be used as a stepping stone.

Many Moroccan men actually fit within the above criteria, but mostly belong to the creme de la creme society in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and Tangier. You just need to mingle with the right people.

Morocco is a country where preying upon each other is seen as a harmless sport....... And remember that personal relationships are always more complicated than pure business transactions, because the law is even less clear than the ones govern business practices. And, of course, because it involves feeling.

Being half Lebanese doesn’t mean a thing in understanding how this preying-upon-each culture work in Morocco. Actually it might be quite the opposite! The middle class and upper class Lebanese, Muslims or Christians, are very open minded, forward thinking, and been trained for centuries, if not millennia, to absorb and uphold the concept of integrity - self worth included - instilled from the Greek ideals. The preying-upon-each culture among the Moroccans, especially on personal level, doesn’t fit within Lebanese mind frame, making one’s awareness of its existence very low, and in the end susceptible to fall into the trap.

As someone, and a male, who owns properties in Tangier and Essaouira, I have witnessed with my own eyes how things went from rosy to sour really fast the moment a marriage paper is signed between foreigners and local. And to be clear, foreign men get preyed into this scheme as often as foreign women. I call it equal opportunity offender!

But back to my first point above: Why did not your man provide all the required info?

I would suggest you take more time to know him well , cause most local women in morroco get scared of marrying a morroco man , I have not been to Morocco before but heard a lot about both genders trying to cut each other when they get a opportunity and had personal experience that till the paper is signed u can’t trust a women cause they change there minds, and yes very true what Abraham said why didn’t he go to the local Adul and ask him things and pass the same information over to u, seems a lil creepy and red flag. Take your time travel again and spend some real time with him like travel somewhere to the other city to see how he really is, who is friends are etc. and always remember it’s your life you are incharge question yourself with heart and mind take your time don’t rush and hopefully u will know exactly what to do. End of the day money really doesn’t matter cause it comes and goes  if there is love even in crazy situations u both will work out and find the best way to get out of it.

Hi everyone..... just a heads up. After you have gone to the court to submit your papers and then after the police for the same thing and your interview, your papers are then sent back to the British Embassy in Rabat! This came into effect recently so please allow plenty of time as this delays the process even further. The good thing about it is you can actually go and come back within a short space of time which I have done. I was there beginning of this month and going back end of September to complete the process. Not a nice and easy process this but all worth it in the end!

Hello. Payslips not needed but letter of employment is. Need to makesure you get them all translated too. I have done the process a few weeks ago just waiting to return and complete it all and get our permission to marry. Inbox me if you want more info x

trytobekool83 :

I would suggest you take more time to know him well , cause most local women in morroco get scared of marrying a morroco man , I have not been to Morocco before but heard a lot about both genders trying to cut each other when they get a opportunity and had personal experience that till the paper is signed u can’t trust a women cause they change there minds, and yes very true what Abraham said why didn’t he go to the local Adul and ask him things and pass the same information over to u, seems a lil creepy and red flag. Take your time travel again and spend some real time with him like travel somewhere to the other city to see how he really is, who is friends are etc. and always remember it’s your life you are incharge question yourself with heart and mind take your time don’t rush and hopefully u will know exactly what to do. End of the day money really doesn’t matter cause it comes and goes  if there is love even in crazy situations u both will work out and find the best way to get out of it.

1. Never been been to Morocco? Hmmmmmn

2. Unless one is a teenager in love, and Mommy and Daddy pay for everything, money ALWAYS matters, love or not love. And it matters even more in a country that doesn’t provide Social Security to its citizens, where hospitals are inadequate, and education is either bad or super expensive. This is why preying-on-each-other is not only so wide spread, but also festering in Morocco. Because it is a necessity, a big part of the locals’ survival skill.
And btw, in case you are getting married soon yourself, the foundation of a marriage contract is NOT love. It’s TRUST.

Sending papers back to the British embassy, Rabat doesn’t sounds appropriate. It does not mention anything about this on www.gov.uk. The role of the British embassy, Rabat is Oath and nationality attestation.
I hope they are not playing with you in Morocco. In Morocco things are not straight forward. They can manipulate. If you know someone you can influence and get things done quickly. Police inteview is a tick box for the court to give you permission. Any way please update us. Good luck.

Yeah I know I was very confused at the time when they told us this but apparently it is very new to do this. We had the police interview  however I didn’t have enough time to complete the process due to this new method of sending papers back to Rabat hence why I’m going back in a few weeks to receive the permission. Anyone else been through the process within last couple months??

Who told you about sending documents  to the British embassy, Rabat.
Do you have to translate them into English before sending.
Who will send documents  to the British embassy, Rabat.
What happens after sending the documents to the British embassy, Rabat.
As for as my experience, after the police interview, they will return the file to the court.
The police is not supposed to give you this file or any papers from this file.
Have you discussed this with Adul and your fiancé in Morocco .

I know you are excited, as I was once, now in trouble. My suggestion is take your own time, do not rush, don’t run into troubles. Be safe.
I wish you good luck.

No we didn’t send them! The police have sent them. They went directly to the embassy from the police. We got an update and they are now back at the court ready for when I come. Yeah he has been in touch with the adoul and we have given the date to them already. And thank you! Definitely wasent a rash decision as we have been together 3 years now. :)

Sounds good to me.
Police sending documents to the British embassy still a dilemma to me. However please keep us update.
Did you make any plans for your fiancée ‘s spouse visa. Good luck.

Will definitely keep you updated. No not yet, I may move there next year so we shall see!

Are you planning to Morocco. That’s awesome. What are your plans about working in Morocco. If you are s bative English speaker then you can also teach English there. Should you wish to do that you may have to gain some basic qualification in teaching English from UK. This was my plan.
Morocco is a beautiful country you will love it. I’m sure you been there before and enjoyed the country. If you are a Muslim then it’s an opportunity to live in an Islamic country but you do find western culture. Depending upon when you will live you will have good experience. Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir will have more western culture. But any way good luck. Take care.

Thank you! And unsure yet but teaching could be an option! I have been sooooo many times - I go at least 4 times a year. And I love love love it. I am half algerian so my neighbours really! I am London born so I love the fact it has so much culture but also quite westernised in certain places like kech and agadir!

jess1406 :

Hi everybody,

I am a British female who has recently married my Moroccan fiancé in September 2016. I wanted to write a post on an up to date process to help those who are in a similar situation going through the process or planning to get married in Morocco in the future! ☺

We were married in Tinghir on September 30th after travelling back and forth to court in Ouarzazate. It can be a very long and tiring process, if you are not prepared. In total it took us about 10 working days to complete the papers, get the permission and get married. I do believe that we could have done it in less time, had we known about some papers and there were also days where we decided to wait an extra day. However, I know it can often take people a lot longer but the key is preparation and organisation – it can be done within 2/3 weeks if you are patient and organised.

The papers for the marriage need to be dated within a 3 month period to be accepted within Morocco. Both my fiancé and myself prepared the papers that we could prior to me arriving in Morocco.

In the UK the papers you need to get are:

-    A birth certificate issued within the last 3 months (this must be a FULL birth certificate – with information of mother and father)

-    Letter of employment (stating where I work, start date of employment, working hours and annual salary)

-    Payslips for the 3 months before arriving in Morocco to submit the papers

-    A UK police check – ensure this is the ACRO police certificate, which can be ordered online. (Mine took around 10 days to arrive upon placing the order).

I had taken copies of these over to Morocco on a prior visit to get translated in preparation to completing the process. If unable to take these over in person, I would suggest emailing/faxing them to your partner to translate prior to arrival, as this usually takes a couple of days.

There are a number of different documents that your fiancé will need too. He can contact the local court or an adoul and they will be able to provide a list of the documents. They include: a copy of identity card, updated birth certificate, police check, capacity to marry (single status), medical check. My fiancé needed the medical check and 2 witnesses in order to get the capacity to marry paper, so it is important to begin planning these papers in advance otherwise it can add extra time to the process.

The papers you will then need to get whilst in Morocco:

-    Medical check
-    Police check from Morocco – Ministry of Justice (Rabat)
-    Capacity to Marry – British Embassy (Rabat)
-    Certificate of Nationality – British Embassy (Rabat)

We were also asked for a certificate of religion for me when we presented our papers at the court. We completed this in Arabic and had it certified, so it may be worthwhile to also prepare this paper, as I believe some courts do still require it.  (The paper we prepared just stated my name, date of birth, passport number and that I am of Christian faith).

Make sure that you book an appointment at the British embassy for marriage online in advance. They only have appointments on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I recommend doing this a few weeks in advance to ensure you get an appointment!

Make sure you also have a number of photocopies of your different papers also – the original documents and the translated versions and have these with you at all times. We did 5 copies of everything. We also got 8 passport size photographs each.

Below is our experience:


I had arrived in Marrakech over the weekend and we stayed here for a number of days whilst completing further documents. This day we picked up the papers that we had previously submitted for translation (police check, employment letter, birth certificate). We also then went to a local clinic and requested a medical check. The doctor just asked if I had any medical problems, then wrote a paper to say there was nothing wrong with my health! This cost us 250 MAD, make sure that you take your passport when getting the certificate.


We caught the 4:45 train to Rabat from Marrakech. We arrived in Rabat by around 9:30. First – we went to the Ministry of Justice to request a Moroccan police check. I had to go in alone as fiancé’s are made to wait outside. I went inside and was given a form in French to complete – basic details, passport number, mother/father names etc. I then sat and waited before I was called to a desk, I gave the form and a copy of my passport and was given a card saying to come back at 3pm.

11:30 – we had our appointment in the British Embassy. We filled in a couple of forms and were then given the 2 documents we needed.  This took 30 minutes.

From the Embassy – straight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We were given a ticket, and we were both allowed in together. We sat downstairs and a man came in calling out numbers, once they call your number you head upstairs. Once again you wait, they call your number and then you go to a desk where the clerk stamps your papers. It was all finished within about 15 minutes.

3pm – headed back to the Ministry of Justice. Took the card they gave earlier and also a 10DH stamp, which can be bought from a shop just around the corner. Went inside, waited until being called and then collect your paper from the ladies at the desk, and get it stamped by the police officer at another desk.

We then headed to a nearby fax shop in order to fax the documents to the translator that we use, so we were able to pick them up the next day. All finished by 3:30pm and we got the next train back to Marrakech.


Collected our translated papers from the day before at 12. We then made photocopies of all of these (original and translated version). We then made the long 8 hour bus ride to Tinghir.


The nearest court to Tinghir is Ouarzazate, another 2 hour journey! Went to submit our papers at the court. Was told all of my papers were correct and good to go. However, they requested that my fiancé got another 2 papers – a paper to state where he is currently living and that he is single (despite already having a number of papers stating this!!). Back to Tinghir to complete these papers.


My fiancé headed back to the court the next day with the papers in order to try again. This time was told that I needed the certificate of religion. Myself and my fiance’s father completed this paper in Tinghir and faxed it to the court in Ouarzazate. Papers then submitted, given an envelope to be taken to the Criminal court. Taken there and signed by the representative of the King, then given an envelope to take to the police.


Went to the police first thing and gave them the envelope. This is easier if you have connections, which we were lucky in that my fiance’s father knew the head of the police in Tinghir. The only things they asked me was the name of the company I worked for, when I started work and the last time that I visited Morocco. They then prepared a paper that they said would be sent to the court the next morning.

TUESDAY – we decided to wait a day for the papers to arrive to ensure that we hadn’t wasted another journey to Ouarzazate!


Went first to the Criminal court, they had received the papers from the police. Gave us a paper to take to the family court. Back to the family court, was told that the judge was not there today. Gave us 2 papers to fill in and said they would get it signed by the representative of the court. Went back at 3pm, the clerk had given the representative the Moroccan marriage papers to sign and had forgotten to give the mixed marriage papers to sign! (Very frustrating!!!). Waited to see if the representative would come back to sign our paper, however he was not able to.


Try again – my fiancé went back to the court the next morning. Received our permission to marry signed and stamped by the judge around 10am.


Went to the adoul and completed the marriage! All finished!

The marriage certificate has then been sent back to the court to certify – once again this may a few weeks for it to be ready. It is hard work but persevere as it all pays off and is so worth it once you are married. Good luck to those of you who are completing this process - if you have any questions feel free to ask I just hope this post will be able to help someone and to understand that it is not always a lengthy, difficult process ☺

Kind regards,


Hi Jess,

Appreciate all the information you've given here, so helpful. I was wondering/hoping that you still respond to this thread?

I have been travelling around the world for the past little while and just taking jobs here and there where I can. I don't have a permanent job so cannot supply the employment papers for marriage - do you happen to know if this is a big deal? Would showing savings be enough?

All the best,


Have literally just officially got married :)). Long process and so stressful but finally got there in the end. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me :)


im just started the process and have booked a Appointment at the embassy for january 17th. i see that they will ask for work documents.  i am currently self enployed, how would i show evidence of this? also im finding everything very confusing and im not very good at taking in a lot of info.  if someone could help or even get me in touch with someboby that could help me i would be very grateful
thank you
                   dannika :D

Hello dear my question is about dbs check does it has to be acro police check or just a basic one will do ? Thank you

Hi Jess. Lovely to see your radiancy in the posts. And thanks for the insight in everything.

I got engaged with a Moroccon girl last year and plan to do the official marriage this year - maybe in two months.  The whole process from a UK prospective is quite daring and dauting so I need some advice. I got a lot of pressure from my new fiancees family to get married now as they are very conservative.

Anyway is it ok to run by my checklist with you?

Thanks Otto

Just looking through this thread and it would be really interesting to know if any of these couples are still married.  I am married to someone from Morocco.  We have been married for 15 years.  While trying to get married I meet around 20 different people going through the same process most, actually none had marriages that lasted more then a few years.  Most of the people I met were women who were from Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia marrying men from Morocco.  All of the men ended up leaving the women shortly after getting their citizenship and ended up marrying someone from Morocco.

Also interesting to note that most of these women tended to be 1. significantly older then the men, 2. divorced previously, 3. have children with other men or 4. were significantly less physically attractive

Also in all these specific situation these women married men that have never lived outside Morocco and men from lower economic situations.

Getting married in Morocco is a huge horrible pain in the butt.
I had a horrible experience getting the marriage act.  HORRIBLE!
I have had terrible experiences dealing with the police in Morocco and frankly think many are just as likely to be crooks then to be helpful.  It is a wild card.  Not that this nonsense does not happen all over the world, but I had never had to deal with this nonsense where I am from, but have encountered dishonest and dangerous police in other countries.  I really wonder if when you are outside of bigger cities police think they can get away with more because there are less people to catch them.  I am very happy to say the police office they tired to mess up my wedding plans got a nice taste of Karma because he did not realize my husband's father was friends with his boss.  So he tried to mess with the wrong people.  His stupid stunt to try and punish us for not giving him money may have delayed our wedding party for a few days, but cost him his reputation.

It was like the Amazing race trying to actually getting married in Morocco.  Then dealing with the embassy/ consulate was another pain in the butt.  If you are not really aggressive, detail orientated and persistent good luck.  If you are a man trying to marry a women it is 100 times worse.  The Moroccan government is not giving up their brides and grooms easy lol.

Getting married to someone from Morocco might sound romantic but it is no fairy tale.  There are huge cultural differences if you are not Moroccan.  Also just a reminder Moroccan men and women don't have lower standards.  Lots of good looking people in Morocco of all ages so if that 20 year old guy suddenly claims to fall head over heels with a 50 year old divorced single mother of 3 .... get real.  Same goes for the 46 year old man that has that 18 year old drooling all over him.  Dream on.  Moroccan men and women are not really all that different then anyone else in general.  Someone poorer anywhere in the world is usually more likely to temporarily lower their standards to get ahead.  If you choose to be naive and delusional you have yourself to blame.  If you are young and foolish you can blame it on lack of like experience if you are older you should know better.

Hi jess
When you went to the British embassy what documents did they need form here ?
Birth certificate
And anything else ?


So what's your secret to such a successful marriage?

And how did you know you weren't making a mistake?

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