Marriage affidavit from British embassy

Myself and my fiance are struggling badly with the appointment system in rabat , we have an appointment months away , I was told to just wait as cancellations rarely happen, is there no other way at all to secure an appointment earlier? Any help greatly appreciated.

@dwlaw324 same problem! I can't get an appointment at all I check several times a day too

I managed to book an appointment roughly 6 weeks ago for the end of August in Marrakesh. I wish I could be more helpful but it's just a matter of checking multiple times a day!

I called the British embassy and they let me know it's incredibly difficult to find an appointment. Apparently, marriage requests at the British embassy in Morocco are the busiest in the world!

They recommended checking every day for appointments and booking whatever date/time becomes available.

I wish I could be of more help but good luck finding an appointment!!

Try marrakech embassy instead for the appointment

@dwlaw324 Hi I have an appointment booked for November, but no longer will need it if that's any help to you?! Location Rabat drop me a line

Thankyou for your kind offer I have one for November just trying to get something quicker but I really appreciate it .

@HumzaBhatti Thankyou for your kind reply indeed I will continue to check other embassies I really appreciate the reply

@dwlaw324 No worries hun, I know what headache this process Is 🤯 Best of luck though x

@SJAS85 bevlumley41 kindly offered an appointment in November to me but I have a November appointment,  the lady doesn't need it now maybe this kind person can help you best of luck

july, august and september are extremely busy times for the embassy due to the holidays.  they only offer 2 appointments per day. i booked mine 5 weeks in advance. best to keep checking everyday and especially early mornings in case they have any cancellations. good luck

Can anyone help? My fiancee and I have an appointment for November with the British embassy in rabat , but we need it sooner? Any one can help be greatly appreciated.

@MrT786 Thankyou for reply , I really appreciate it


I would be interested in taking this if it's still available


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@bevlumley41 hello,

if this appointment is still available I would like to take this from you if possible. ***

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@Abu And Son Hello, please send your contact details through inbox. Click on the member's photo > send a message.



Hi Guys,

I am looking for an appointment for the beginning of October. Was wondering if anyone has any booking during that period or around that week?




What date do you have exactly?


its a real nightmare I have been trying since Covid. They were closed !!

i finally got one in December at consulate office Marrakech.

After having difficulty myself I rang and spoke to somone they told me to check twice a day. I did just that and I managed get a slot the next day.

Hi everyone,

I am so glad I found this post. I am also in the same predicament, I called today and they literally said to wait for a cancellation. I have been checking daily and have already paid for the affirmation through the website. I just need the appointment to get it signed.

Does anyone have an appointment I can take in Marrakech this October? Please let me know I would appreciate it very much.

Does anyone have an appointment in November that they don't possibly need anymore? please let me know


Still can't get an appointment an the British embassy. If anyone has an appointment for next month that they don't need please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi All,

My Fiance and I have been struggling for months to book any appointments at all in Rabat or even Marrakesh.

I was planning to fly to Morocco in a week's time and looking ideally for November the 14th appointment.

Any help with this matter will be much appreciated.


@jasimma unfortunately it can be very frustrating but you need to keep checking couple of times in the day every day. Either someone might cancel or someone might want to swap appointments. I would suggest even checking like after midnight that's what i did. Best of luck.

Hi just popping on to ask if anyone has managed to get an appointment in either embassies for febuary ideally 22nd that they no longer need. would be really much appreciated!  Thanks x

Hey, does anyone have any appointments in the next 3 months? Any date/time is fine, I'm really struggling to find anything. If someone has one they don't need, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks 1f600.svg



i have an appontment in Febuary hopefully a goes well. i book another one in March incase things do not go as planned. if all good I can give you the appointment in March 24th if it will work for you.


Thank you Rizwan 1f600.svg Please let me know how it goes, best of luck to ya

Hi all, im not sure how substantial this may be but i hear it is possible to obtain documents from the UK rather than waitiing for an appointment at the british embassy in Morocco. Im wiaiting on clarity and will do it myself first and let everyone know.


That would make things much easier, keep us updated :)


Hi everyone! Im really struggling to find an appointment for the marriage affidavit, if anyone has anything from now till the end of Feb or beginning of march and does not need it pls let me know!🙏

Hi guys, what time of the day, or day of the week is best to keep looking for an appoinment or when do they release new dates? its either unavailable slots or not yet released slots? thanks

@Zohaib191 Hi, Saturday morning and or Sunday morning.

@Rizwandirect nice one rizwan,  any idea of timing?

@Zohaib191 preferbaly around 7am in the mornings, im just basing this on my personal expereince.

I have an appointment on 18th April but need one later for May so if anyone manages to get an appointment when they're released I'm happy to swap.

Hi all i have 2 appointments to give one for 6th Febuary  in Marrackech and the other for 24th March in Rabat. please contact me if you need it. i domt require them anymore.


Hi Rizwan, i would really appreciate having one of those appointments. I'm very desperate and it would be a great help!


If you could kindly give me the appointment in February, you would be saving me and my fiancé a lot of stress!

@Rizwandirect can I have 24th march please?