Laws pertaining to marrying a second wife

Hello everyone and thanks for your help in advance. Please as far as opinions go and the morality of this, avoid commentary. That is the majority of replies to this question. It has been covered.

My wife has been wanting this from the beginning. I have permission.

Now the basics;

I am familiar with the Moudwana and the procedures as far as documentation and the use of Adouls, and judicial permission.

I am aware of the rules regarding equal treatment and financial support. This is regarding a legal Nikkah, not anything to do with "fatiha" marriage.

Specifically what I am looking for is any knowledge regarding marrying a second wife in Morocco as a US citizen. I am planning to relocate.

Are there any laws that require the courts follow marriage laws of my country?

I have read every forum and blog that I could find and not seen any information.

I have heard many differing opinions about this. Is anyone familiar with these laws or procedures?

Is a second marriage actually prohibited in Morocco if it is unlawful in your country?

Also pertaining to the United States these laws against bigamy are all at the state level.

Just as the laws pertaining to same sex marriage are.

This is a true love story and any help is greatly appreciated.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

If you are a Muslim there should be no problems to marry a second wife in Morocco.
You'll get problems if you want this marriage registered in the USA: they don't accept bigamy and marriage based on Islamic rules.
How to proceed is not what I can help you with. Maybe consulting a Moroccan Embassy near to you, will be best for seeking information.

But I guess you figured this already out.

you are not allowed to have second marriage in morocco.
so kill your greed and try to be living happy with just one

Inshallah,  thank you for that reply, Primadonna. I am not planning on staying in the US. I have business here but that is all. My only concern is if it is legal in Morocco.

I have still not found anything that forbids this. I guess I will find out when I ask for permission.  Inshallah it all works out

true love  yeah right

maybe think of yr first wife  just maybe  and are u  man enough to handle 2 ?

I'm starting to think that no one has the answer to this.  When I find out I will post the laws here.

I'm quite confused as you mention on your profile - "Divorced father of two", yet on the first post, you talk about your wife giving permission for this. Anyway, have you tried asking at the Moroccan Consulate in your city? We have one here, and it deals with matters of visa, marriage and so on. They might be of some help to you, if you haven't tried already.

Thanks, I will try that. I was married for 12 years previously and traveled extensively for work.  My ex ended up with another man leading to divorce prior to all things current.

If  you are divorced then nothing is in your way to get marry again?  :unsure

kck123 wrote:

Thanks, I will try that. I was married for 12 years previously and traveled extensively for work.  My ex ended up with another man leading to divorce prior to all things current.

So you divorced this ex you speak of, then have since gotten married after that divorce. So you're currently married at the moment, and now looking to marry again in morocco, having been given permission by the woman you are married that right? If it's not right, then it means you're divorced looking to get married in morocco. If that's the case, then I don't see what the problem will be if you're officially divorced in the usa.

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could you respond to those question first to have little idea about your case and also to help others to give you an advice.

Are you moroccan citizen too?
Why  did you chose to marry second wife ?
Why did you chose Morocco as country to get married second time?
Is your   first wife moroccan ?
Is the second wife moroccan too?
How did you meet the second wife?
Do you have any children from first one?
Are your children aware of your second marriage process?
Do children agree to your second marriage ?
Did anyone of your family object to the marriage and why?
Does second wife know you are married already?
Does second wife know you have children ?
Does your second wife's family know that you are married already and children maybe ?
Do your second wife family agree to this marriage?
Does your second wife  never being married before? if not then is she  divorcee or widow?
Does your second wife have children if she is being married before ?
Is there any age gap between you and your second wife ? how many years of gap age ? is she adult and wise enough to know what she is getting into?

Where did you get married first time?
Your first marriage certificate made in morocco ?
If not then is it legalised in morocco?
If u r moroccan , are you registered with moroccan consulate?
where you plan to live ? Morocco or Usa?
where are you planning to provide home and full expenses for second wife , since the first one is living in the USA?
Are u planing to sponsor the second wife to the Usa or planing to live in both  countries ?
Do you have permission from your first wife to marry second?
when i say permission is not only word but it has to be in writting as document to proov that .
Do you have strong reason to convince the judge to marry second one?
If you tend to continue living in the US , are u aware that is against the law to marry 2 women ?
what is the reason to marry second wife ??  only love ??? mmmm is that enough reason????
What was the reason you married your first wife ?
Does your first wife know the second wife? have they spoken together ?
Are you doing this process alone? 

And finally if Islam recommended you only one then why not stick to one .....why chose to marry second ?

I am not trying to offend you here but this is only short list of question that you may confront during the process.
so if you would like my advice then respond to the questions above and with honesty so i can advice you accordinly?

once you respond to those questions then i advice you accordinally!!!

dear not confuse your self,the matter is very simple same as Islam is simple and natural,if you studied Islam in details......if you are legally divorced  already (with papers as proof) ,then you are same like a fresh virgin man,you can marry any Muslim lady in any corner of the world + you can have 4 wives even at same time,if you afford the responsibilities concerning your family expenses,only condition is,your previous wife/wives agreed.and concerning country law allow your case,nothing stop you marrying a Moroccan lady,Moroccan law needs only two paper,in case you are already married (not divorced neither widowed) you needs the permission letter (certified) from your previous wife/ second case that apply on you,you are divorced +(widowed) you have to only needs the death paper of your wife or divorced paper (certified from appropriate authority) if/when you mention that you are already for marrying a Morocco lady ,other than this one paper,you needs nothing as eligible.........but as for legal marry in Moroccan you needs so many other kind of papers from your country (certified by foreign ministry) plus certified from your embassy in morocco plus certified by Moroccan interior ministry at rubbat,then some papers from the city counsel +police station+adoul (where your future wife lives) and so on about one to two month needs but with money (haram) you can push papers fastly.this is a general procedure,and may be you know it all already.thanks.


Mntwana, thank you so much for the reply. I am in Boston now just hours away from my flight. Inshallah everything goes smoothly.

with best regards to you, dear brother,you can ask any thing that help you solving your matters,some time ago i planed to get in Morocco permanently living with my future aspect ed wife from Morocco,so that time i collect every related information,you are always welcome for any suggestion,just don't trust strangers.

Pls remember to treat them equal just like in the ahow Sister Wife.  Also have an Islamic will that you and your wifes have to sign it. This is my personal experience and it is hard on me and my kids. I do not mind co-wifeness but husband has to fair in all things and make sure all will be taken care of if you pass away. Lastly make it clear from the beginning that you are married and will divorce the who tries ro get the other wife divorce. This happened to me also.  Making both wife your legal wife is best. Wish more men in Morocco with a wife you marry another to take of the thousands of women with kids who are going through their hard life with no husband and not making it without one.  May Allah help you on your journey and give all success and may other men follow what you are doing. Amen. Salaam brother and do keep in touch with me and my family. Inshallah we see you and your family in Morocco salaam

Good luck kck123.


not me neither kck have any other wife,we are divorced already and we know how hard is life with out a family and how much important is to have a halal wife,of course all woman are our sisters in Islam except the one that is in our nikkah even before she is sister too,the problem is ,every country law and social structure of concerning places,the ladies living in developed countries,they thinking ,men from under developing countries keens to have only papers and the ladies in such countries like morocco considering,one prince will come with a lot of money and they will be enjoy life,a lot of difference in real interests and intentions,no real deen and Islam according to sharia at any place.what i found in years being at matrimonial sites and communication with ladies around the globe from east to west.....only and only the converted ladies are true Muslims

mntiwana - That last sentence is simply false. I personally know a few men who married such, and then their wives divorced them and went back to their old ways, taking the kids with them, and thus bringing them up in a completely different environment than the father would like. It's best to marry someone of the same background, who has been brought up in the same background/culture, because even in the event of divorce, the kids will at least continue to be brought up in the same background/culture.

I was talking abt the widow and divorced with kids and their suffering and they their need for a husband even from developing country or so then young never married girls.

dear xb23,
thanks for your concern,you are exact right,i am agree with you,with out ague.every matter has its own benefit and losses,we can not say any thing or any rules as final,i was talking about majority of behavior and interest of person and also every person have its own experience and vision,never any thing same,man to man differ and matter to matter differ,again i like to say converted are best in their DEEN than born Muslims, and social structure and brought up children is some thing else and different matter.

as for widowed,it is ok,but as for divorced,it is some doubtful,why they can not go with the previous one,why argue,why can not compromise,not all man bad same to, as not all ladies bad but in mostly cases ladies are cruel and non compromising,which one is the man,if have every thing normal and suitable from wife side,why he forced to be divorced,why he push him self on road towards problems and difficulties,actually the women has a lack of knowledge and wisdom and vision and they (ladies) turn their home in hell.

mntiwana wrote:

dear xb23,
thanks for your concern,you are exact right,i am agree with you,with out ague.every matter has its own benefit and losses,we can not say any thing or any rules as final,i was talking about majority of behavior and interest of person and also every person have its own experience and vision,never any thing same,man to man differ and matter to matter differ,again i like to say converted are best in their DEEN than born Muslims, and social structure and brought up children is some thing else and different matter.

From what I've seen & read, the enthusiasm doesn't usually last very long. They obviously show a lot of interest, more so than those born into it, because they are new to it, and so have plenty to learn. But that keenness seems to wear out after a while. Like anything in life, when something is new to us, it's exciting, we are very involved with it, but over time, it then becomes quite normal. The risk is for some of them, it becomes tiresome/no longer interesting, and they end up returning back to their old ways. This nearly always results in divorce, unless the partner is willing to accept the situation.

As for your comment above that women in developed countries don't trust men from developing countries, well who can blame them when many men have "married" them only for a green-card/visa? Then once they've settled, they go and marry a woman from their own culture. Such stories are all over the internet unfortunately. I agree about your comment regarding expectations of some of the people in Morocco. Hoping that a rich foreigner comes along and sweeps them off their feet. Which explains why there is a lot of desire to marry a Westerner (because many have the wrong impression that they are generally wealthy).

Anyway, best of luck with your trip to the country (if you're not already there).

Dear XB23,
with regards,thanks to reply,again 100% agree,with all that you described in detailed,it make me more interest in you and in your knowledge,a part of my learning and understanding things proper way in real is exact right the nature you developed inside you by birth from since long ,not easy to remove or alterate,though circumstances make force on you for some or fully accommodate with the situation..
     as for second paragraph,yes some of or mostly from under developing countries men goes same way as you describe,they accept and adopt every thing till their hidden means and soon after they show their real face,bad luck and unfortunately ,they left behind very bad impression and shut door for others,just greed,selfishness,what can i say other than to be sad and sorry......on the other end ....... the more strange and astonishing thing,when i see on,one the very wonderful site,of hundred matrimonial sites ( that is very nice and at top in rank for Muslims.always (24 hours) near about 4000 visitors at site......80% ladies from only two countries (Morocco-Algeria),and only 20% from the rest of world....and from 80,....70% from morocco and 30% from Algeria......what happen with the men from that countries.why this ratio,....and when i communicate with several's,found the reason,only poverty and high dreams from women side and one more reason their cultural and social structure,they are dying for what peoples (society) will say,if they got married with a person who don't have home and all modern accessories of life,just they want sit at home ,enjoy life and all burden they want put on men,and you know how much cost for a normal home in Morocco (as Morocco same to other rest of world countries,job situation,from where Moroccan bring so much money to have every thing before marriage...and women not agreed to slow down and looking for out side to fulfill their unrealistic dreams......and as for foreigners... what guarantee how they will be treat you after marriage.... especially when you are in their country on behalf of them,you are alone there with lack of language and so many social aid from society and they are with family with,generally they seems clever and harsh talkative.more i don't know,lol. ...thanks

Pls when looking for mates on the marriage sites lots of profiles of people who are scammers and some are even fake. So shopper beware.

yes,right,i am aware of that all,since i am online on last 18 years,lol,so mostly scammers and viruses born later than i started understanding things.......but i appreciate your help and sympathetic feeling for me....matrimonial site is for example only.....i know real things too.

I am not sure why you would want to take such an action, but love is a complicated issue. I would suggest to you that you be very suspicious of the motives of any woman who may have suggested such an action. Most Moroccan women do not welcome such situations under normal circumstances.

Of course in Morocco it is theoretically legal to engage in polygamy. In reality it is not common to have such a situation approved by the court even among Moroccan nationals let alone a mixed marriage. Even if you are Muslim, and abiding sharia laws as interpreted by the Moroccan authorities,  the fact that you are an American prohibits this action by American law. 

Let me explain, Even outside of the American boarders, American citizens cannot knowingly engage in an activity that requires governmental approval  such as a family status change (marriage or adoption) that is performed in a manor that is illegal if it were done within the American boarders (even if the said action were theoretically legal in in the foreign country) at the time of occurrence. Therefore, As American law stands right now, taking a second wife (without a legal dissolution of a prior marriage) is not legally valid and can be considered a criminal action of Fraud by the American citizen knowingly undertaking such action. 

According to the Family code in Morocco: The law of Morocco will not circumvent the laws of a man's homeland. Meaning even if all parties agreed to the marriage, Morocco court will not allow you to marry another wife. You have to get formal permission from the American consulate to marry a Moroccan national.   Your home land will not recognize the marriage and will refuse the petition. The only loop hole might be if you were a person with duel nationality. If  your other nationality will recognize polygamy as a viable family structure, then you could apply for the permission to marry according to the laws of that country. It would still never be valid in the USA, but it would not be an act of Fraud.

I hope this helps you. I know it may not be what you wanted to hear.

hey dear nebraska longtime ago so glad to here you again
ksikas abdelhak :)

Im curious about how can men married on second wife? But a filipina girl?

Hi Charie c oulghazi,

Welcome on board.

However, this is an old topic from 2015.

I'd therefore request you to participate on the recently created ones or to create a new topic if you want further assistance regarding any particular subject.



I would like to ask if a filipina girl like me can marry a morrocan men?

You must also be financially able to treat both wives equally. ie You buy one a house, you must also buy the other a house....

Not if you are asking if you have the right to marry a Moroccan man? If so I don't see why not as it is YOUR decision.


Your post is very good but i am confused a little bit!  You said if you are a muslim and married but want to marry second or third wife in Morocco you just need agreement letter from your other wife (certified, certified by who and what is the format of this letter).  You also said this is all you need to be eligible for marriage according to moroccon laws.  Is this true for a us citizen muslim man also? 
Then you said but you need lots of other papers for legal marriage in Morocco.  So what is the difference?  You said first you need just two documents to be eligible for marrying second in Morocco then you said you need lots of other papers....

Can you please explain?

How does one prove they can support more then one wife?  I find this interesting.  My husband comes from a polygamist family so at the start I was very clear that I would never tolerate the idea nor associating with anyone in that type of marital situation. 

Also as far as I am concerned my husband can not literally support me so is a man expected to prove he can afford the extra wives?

Where I live a news reporter went undercove and exposed a local Imam actually knowingly helping Canadian Muslim men to undermine Canadian laws against plural marriage.  Even worse the first wives never knew about the marriages and thus could not even give consent.

Are their legal consequences in Islamic countries for men that have taken multiple wives and can not afford them?

If someone could loose a hand for stealing I would hope castration would be seen as a fair punishment for having more then one wife and not being able to support them.

If having a second wife is illigeal in your country then you wouldn't be able to marry a second wife in Morocco as Moroccan law doesn't allow you to go against the law of your own country.

With regards to not being able to support more than one wife then the wife could ask for the marriage to be dissolved on these grounds but once you break down what is supporting a wife and what's ‘extras' then most likely the husband can support them both. I mean some women have 50pairs of shoes, expensive wardrobes, 15 handbags..... feed, clothe and house could probably be 7 dates one out fit and a room if you get what I'm saying.