Criminal record for marriage in morocco

Please can anyone help us !! My fiancé hve come already to morocco and we got all the paper work but the family court refused the criminal record that he got from the uk so he had to go back again to the uk and apply for it
We were looking in the internet they said that u can apply for it in the local police but everytime he went there the officiers said that he hve to apply for it on ACRO website because they cant give him anything
Now he received the criminal record by post with all the details but I dont know if thats what they need here or no ?
Can anyone tell me if thats what they want in morocco or there is anything else because my fiance cant come again and they refuse that again
Please if anyone gor married before in morocco and know what Im talking about help me please because we r so confused

Help please

All I know is that they are very strict in Morocco over anything best to clear it up or get a solicitor maybe

Yeh I know we got that paperwork all Im asking about if thats what they need ( criminal record from ACRO ) or what ?? if someone who got married before and know please tell me

why did they reject it? where did he get the criminal record from?

you have to translate this record and it should be ok

Yes the criminal record check from the ACRO website is the correct one. It only lasts for 3 months so hurry and use it. Also your fiance will need to go to the ministry of foreign affairs in Rabat for a criminal record check in Morocco!
For most places in Morocco to get married you will also need the following: (bear in mind different places may require different things)
Passport, birth certificate, divorce certificate if applicable
Documents from british embassy rabat
Crim tec check rabat
Acro crim rec check from uk
Certificate of employment/ proof of wages
Medical certificate from morocco
Copies of passport pages showing entry stamp
Certificate of conversion to islam

Dont forget everything needs to be photocopied and translated into arabic!

Yeah we have everything and they have already checked all the paperwork... The only prob was the criminal record of the uk so now he went back to the uk for it
Anyway thank u

Hello Sana,

A British person who plans to get married in Morocco must get an ACRO police/criminal records check. You can contact ACRO on 0845 6013 999 (from within the UK) or +44 1962 871111 (if calling from abroad). Their email address is [email protected]
They did my criminal record/police check before I married in Morocco and it is sent by post to your address in the UK. You then need to get it translated to Arabic before presenting it to the Moroccan authorities. Hope this helps.

thank you
is it the subject access request or the certificate of immigration purposes ?

Subject access

If the plan is to live in the UK, do ensure all the spouse visa requirements are met before you complete this process.

my fiancé is actually working and he does earn more than 18600 pounds
he also have his own house with three bedrooms
anything else ?

All the information is on the website. Having just had a brief look at it, it seems that you may need to undergo a TB test. So have a look at that as well. Obviously along with the need to sit an English exam.

Ok thank u soo much

Hi there

Can you tell me if this was the ACCRO subject access or the police certificate?

Thank you

hi minnie;
In the moroccan court they only accept the police certificate for immigration purposes from ACCRO they don't accept the subject access, make sure you get this one otherwise they wont accept it from u
good luck

Thank you for your help- I very nearly got the subject access! Do you know how long it takes to come after you apply for it? It doesn't say the time for the police certificate, it only says the 40 days for the subject access?


10 days even the subject access my husband managed to get it before 40 days he just called them and explained that he need it asap and the guy on the phone was helpful he sent it to him quickly But they refused it in morocco so he had to apply for the police certificate

Brill thank you! Does anyone know where/who/how the notice of intention to marry is done?? And the declaration of christian faith for female? I'm really stuck on this. Am i supposed to stay in the country after giving notice of intent to marry? As I am planning to do all this paperwork during my visit in January then I'm returning in March for the wedding.

Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance for any help!

Hello I am getting married in Morocco.  I hear they need a police check. I have a caution which shows on the ACRO

The DBS check doesn't show this.  What I need to know is, what if I have a conviction, does that mean I can't marry in Morocco?

Will they accept DBS or does it have to be an ACRO?

Also I just left my previous job. Do i need to be employed to marry?

You need approval from Moroccan police so it's at their discretion. They interview you. I think they would only accept acro. I would imagine it depends what your conviction is for and for how long ago it was. Regarding job I would say if you haven't got a good amount of savings they might not approve you either. They are strict, both police and courts, as they are looking at the girls interests

I had a caution from 2001   it shows on the acro as (no live trace) 

How can i find out for sure what type of police report I need?

It is definitely the £45 Acro police certificate. Mine also said no trace.

when it says no love trace that means there is something on the record. It was a caution I got in 2001.

Will the authorities in morocco understand this?   or will they think no live trace means no criminal record?

For sure it is the acro one you need. If conviction is for 2010 it's a fair time ago so probably nothing to worry about - they just want to make sure the best they can that you are good, which is fair enough as stops sex tourism etc. I wouldn't worry to much but you have to make sure your papers are correct such as acro and the no impediment from council registrar saying you are not already married.

They most likely won't understand written English. You have to get everything translated. I'm sure no live trace will be fine

I would say that that would depend on whom you give the report to at the time.  I would imagine that there are those who would understand and the vast majority who wouldn't.  If I were a betting man I would say you're 90% in the clear.  That being said, I would imagine that in any case a caution wouldn't impede your ability to get married but may however merit more paperwork if they were to notice.  These are all of course only theory in my experience with the government here.  Your best bet would be as always to retain the services of an attorney.

I know a friend he only submitted a DBS simple check and they accepted it.
There are different police checks and they haven't really stated anywhere that its has to be an ACRO.

Also the CNI I need from the registry office in the UK I have been told I don't need anymore.
I heard I only need to book an appointment with the British Embassy in Rabat and swear an oath I am not married and they issue you with a certificate to show the moroccon authorities.

I know that is how it works in Jordan

It's been a while since I got married there but I'd get the cni as I don't think it costs much. Mine was referenced in the marriage certificate. Like I said the police can't read English - my wife had to be translator for the police when they interviewed me - so I don't think it's anything to worry about a 15 year old conviction that isn't even detailed. If you are getting married in Marrakech or maybe Casablanca they will probably give you a grilling but other districts probably won't bother too much, that's what I've been told a lot. My advise - book appointment for embassy in Rabat to be first morning you can get there and expect the whole paper chase to last around three weeks. It's quite fun and you will definitely have lots of memories of it!

3 weeks !!!!!!! I don't have that sort of time........

so you think I should show the ARRO with a no live trace ..

the DBS will arrive in two weeks.

Do you think its possible I can show the ACRO and if there is problem wait for the DBS to arrive and show that instead?

I did mine in I think 15 days, completed on a Wednesday, with Thursday being the only 'spare' office day before flying home on the Sunday. If you can't get it finished you can sign for them to carry on and you can complete on a return visit.

You need a fixer who knows what to do to get things moving. Don't bother with attorney or solicitors.

I don't think the dbs is any use but if you have it take it, it's the acro they will want to see, but don't worry Morocco has a completely different way than here - if there is a problem just be patient but I don't think they are going to refuse you permission to get married because you did something minor 15years ago. Yeah just show it with no live trace - that's not going to get translated into Arabic to anything meaning full.

Where are you getting married?

In Meknes - a small village just outside.

So I guess half the paperwork will be done in meknes and the rest in Rabat?

How much is the fee for booking into the british embassy for an appointment before I go?

Hi ! I live in uk as a British Citizen, I am planning to marry in morocco after ramadan inshallah, I am aware pretty much about the document I need , just not sure the wages they seek for , I have my own business and  i don't make any payslip for this , however I also do work part time that make my wages around £700 in a month with payslip,
I am also not sure what kind of document my partner need from morocco ,and where to go to make sure the document she need exactly ,lastly do I need to make appointment at ministry of justice
and for doctor ?  Please help ..

I'm from USA and my fiance lives in Morocco, I got my FBI background check in February but am getting married the end of June, will that be ok or do I need to get another one, I was supposed to come in April but we changed flight to june

do you know if it's the standard or enhanced version of the police check needed it's same acro or not
Accept Caution? Blackmail
Or have to be clean
I did not understand and I need to know about it today  help me please

Please can you help me

Kad&kass wrote:

do you know if it's the basic or standard or enhanced version of the police check needed it's same acro or not
Accept Caution? Blackmail
Or have to be clean
I did not understand and I need to know about it today  help me please

Hi there I am interested in which criminal report you showed in the end as I have a criminal record from 12 Years ago it was a suspended sentence.