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Updated 2022-07-10 14:34

Most people of Marrakesh love sport. While many of them are football lovers, others like running and a few adore fitness activities. This is why you will find an unlimited number of clubs and gyms in this city.

Popular sports in Marrakesh

Unquestionably, the boys and men in Marrakesh are football fans. In any old area of the city (such as Medina), one cannot walk around without coming across kids and/or adults playing football. The whole city is subdivided into two major groups, namely Real Madrid lovers and FC Barcelona lovers. When a match, including at least one of these two teams, is about to be played, cafes all around the city prepare to stream it. Anyone willing to watch the football match can go to any café of their choice. This may cost 50 Dhs at the most, depending on what you order.

Other than that, some people prefer running in the air and enjoying the city's magical landscapes in the hot weather of Marrakesh. Many boys choose to practice Parkour in the air. Female teenagers and women mostly opt for fitness. In the old parts of the city, local fitness centers can cost between 200 Dhs and 300 Dhs a month. In any new area of the city (like Gueliz), fitness classes cost between 600 Dhs and 1000 Dhs a month and may go beyond that depending on the club.

Clubs and gyms in Marrakesh

As mentioned before, the city is home to many gyms and clubs. Gueliz, for example, has many fancy and spacious clubs from which you can choose. These clubs are intended both for the middle and high social classes. Each club offers different activities, and once registered, you can choose any activity you prefer.

The famous City Club offers a range of activities, including yoga, belly dance, body combat, spinning, aero, swimming, etc. This club is the pure definition of quality and hygiene. Registration to this club may cost you around 1300 Dhs. In Gueliz, you will also find the famous Royal Tennis Club, where international tennis matches take place. To attend a game there, you will pay around 400 Dhs.

On the other side of the city, you will find Premium Fitness Majorelle, which is located in the Majorelle district. This club offers a set of services and activities, including swimming, bodybuilding, fitness, aqua gym, yoga, oriental dance, dance, and Zumba, both for men and women.

A further luxurious club in the city is Le Fitness Club. It offers a range of activities like aqua gym, swimming, bodybuilding, fitness, and many others. This club is intended for women, men and children. It includes four areas: 

  • Sports universe with a 100% women's area, a 100% mixed area, and the Fit Kids Club
  • Well-being universe that has Hammam, sauna, massage rooms, Cosmetic treatment rooms, restroom
  • Aquatic universe that includes an indoor heated pool, outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, snack bar, aqua-gym
  • Accommodation universe with four suites and twelve rooms.

For those living in old areas like Medina, registration to local gyms will cost around 300 Dhs per month. For example, Karate, Taekwondo or Aero classes cost around 150 Dhs per month. Although these local gyms are not fancy, they are practical and useful for people who are looking for authenticity. Besides, these gyms are usually managed by former national champions.

Kawkab Athletic Club

The Kawkab Athletic Club of Marrakesh (KACM) is a large football club. It was founded in 1947 by Haj Idriss Talbi. Its official color is the red following the title of the city: The Red City. It is a professional club through which several sports, besides football, are practiced. Kawkab has built a Sports Complex next to the Elarbi Benmbarek ground, in addition to its training Centre in "Bab Doukala". This center comprises three grounds, administrative offices, a meeting room, a restroom and four changing rooms with showers. The club has also built the residential complex "Dar Lkawkab" and the stadium "Elarbi Benmbarek".

Stadiums in Marrakesh

In Marrakesh, there are two main stadiums, namely El Harti Stadium and Marrakesh Stadium. The first one includes 20,000 seats and often hosts, in addition to the Kawkab games, matches of the Moroccan teams. The second one is meant for football and athleticism with a capacity of 45,240 seats, including 200 seats for the Royal family, 600 for VIPs, 1,130 for the media, 700 for the disabled people, and 42,610 places for the public. Watching a game there would cost between 30 Dhs and 150 Dhs, depending on the seat type. 

Useful addresses:

Royal Tennis Club

Address: Rue oued el makhazine Guéliz

Phone: 05244-31902

Premium Fitness Majorelle

Address: Avenue Yacoub El Mansour, Marrakesh 40000

Phone: 05243-11610

Le Fitness Club

Address: Route de Souihla, Massira 3, Marrakesh 40000

Phone: 05244-96205

City Club Gueliz

Address: Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni, Marrakesh 40000

Phone: 05226-47000

Kick Boxing Club

Address: 7 Avenue Yacoub El Mansour, Marrakesh 40000

Phone: 0625-125608

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