Leisure in Morocco

Updated 2020-05-19 13:18

Expats living in Morocco can enjoy their spare time by exploring the geographical, cultural and social development of this North African country. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco offers a wide variety of recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, boating. You can also discover the cultural aspects through Moroccan food or crafts.

Hiking in Morocco

If you want to visit the rural part of Morocco, you can go and meet the locals who will help you to discover new lifestyles and cultures. You can go hiking in different ways: by bike, on horseback or by riding a camel in the desert. You are strongly advised to hire a tour guide before starting your journey. Beware of fake guides who will try to take you to certain shops with the hope of earning a commission. The main hiking areas are generally near the North. You can also visit Taghazout, a small surfing village on the coast near Agadir, or visit Merzouga for desert sights and camelback riding.

Water sports in Morocco

Due to its geographical position on the African continent, Morocco has about 3,500 kilometres of coasts. You can enjoy the beaches by swimming in one of the protected areas, but it is highly recommended not to expose yourself to sunlight for long. You can also access a range of water sports such as water skiing, surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Mohammedia, Bouznika, Agadir and most cities in the North are known for the best beaches in the country.

Parks in Morocco

Moroccan cities also have amusement parks full of activities for everyone. In the capital, Rabat, you will find a national zoological garden which has many plant and animal species. In Marrakech, you can enjoy theme parks for children and adults: Crazy Park, Aquapark Tamaris, Ludiparc, among others. In Casablanca, you can visit Juba Land, Sindibad and Tibidabo as well as water parks.

Culture in Morocco

If you wish to learn about the history of Morocco, you can visit the imperial cities such as Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes and Fez. In the North, you can discover and better understand the cultural heritage through the 'Sufi ' and 'zaouais' (tombs of a saint). Note that it is legacy proudly preserved by the Moroccan authorities.

If you want to get a little closer to the Moroccan population, you can roam around the "souks" where you will not only get a glimpse of the culture of Moroccan society but also make good deals.

Morocco is also well-known worldwide for its music festivals, its craft including leatherwork, tapestry, wrought iron, jewellery, pottery, printmaking and sculpture. Moroccan cuisine has Phoenician, Berber and Arab-Muslim influences. Each of these cultures has left its mark on food, pastries as well as drinks, including mint tea, the national drink.

Shopping in Morocco

The major metropolitan cities are the major shopping hubs in the country. In Casablanca, you can visit Morocco Mall and Anfa Place near the beach, Anfa Mall in the downtown area as well as stores for many international brands like Zara, Nike and others. In Rabat, you can MegaMall, Ryad Square Shopping centre and Ait Baha shopping centre. If you're more interested in souks and traditional type markets, you'll find many in Marrakech as well as in the old medinas of both Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Fes.

Family activities in Morocco

Family ties are the main staple of Moroccan culture. Thus, you will find that there are many attractions for families such as amusement parks, restaurants with play areas for kids, as well as travel and hotel destinations for families and a lot of picnic areas, especially near the coast — the Maamoura forest in Rabat, Bouznika beach, and many others.

Restaurants in Morocco

Morocco's culinary scene offers an international experience as well as a local, very traditional one. You can find small bistros offering a limited range of traditional dishes, tagines and other delicacies as well as fancy restaurants with the most popular European and international dishes and anything in between. Make sure to check Le Dhow in Rabat, an old boat turned restaurant on the bank of the Bouregreg river for fine Moroccan and international dining, the Sqala in Casablanca, off the coast, for the best fish meals. Les Blancs and Munga's Kitchen in Agadir for Spanish and Italian cuisine enthusiasts. Buddha Bar in Marrakech is one of the most popular restaurants/lounge among tourists, expatriates and tourists alike, offering the best Asian cuisine experience.

Outdoor sports in Morocco

In addition to hiking, Morocco's rich and diverse landscape offers many sports activities for families and individuals alike. The most popular ones among expatriates and tourists alike are trekking. This one is concentrated mostly near the Atlas mountains. You can take long-distance Atlas routes as well as short treks (try this only in the summer or spring) like Jebel Toubkal and Jebel Sirwa. In addition, you will find many skiing resorts around the same area (mostly a few kilometres off Ifrane). The high Atlas are usually covered in snow from January to April. There are also langlauf activities (skinny skis) in the middle Atlas and some snowboarding activities.

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