Gastronomy in Casablanca

The food scene in Casablanca
Updated 2022-07-14 13:27

Moroccans are generally proud of themselves and their civilization, thus raising Moroccan gastronomy to a sacred level! As everywhere in the world, the best dishes are Mom's, and very few Moroccans will deny that. Your chances of experiencing the above are meager unless you are invited to a family dinner. Below is a brief of what you should expect as an expat in Casablanca.

The main components of the cuisine in Casablanca

Since Morocco is a Muslim country, Moroccan cuisine excludes pork from all its recipes. Goodbye bacon, ham (as it is traditionally eaten in Europe), and other deli meats that you know. Most of the substitutes are made of turkey or beef. The taste is different, and the cooking process is industrial, so there is no need to dwell any longer on the subject.

The cuisine in Casablanca is much more oriented towards poultry (chicken, duck), sheep or lamb, beef and fish (especially at Eid time, you will quickly understand why). Due to slaughter methods and meat preservation, there is little or no undercooked or raw meat. Moroccans like their meat very cooked. Meals and proportions are generous, and when there are 4 to 6 persons around the table, you will be left to wonder whether other guests will join in when the dishes are served. Spices and condiments are the basics of Moroccan cuisine which is full of flavors.

The most popular dishes in Casablanca

Among the great classics, you will discover tajines, couscous, and pastilla. Tajines are dishes prepared in special cookware (tajine) that everyone knows - a famous thick terracotta plate covered with a pointed hat. Onions are used as a bed for cooking purposes, and many recipes are possible: lemon chicken, meat (usually beef), minced meat or fish balls, and vegetables (zucchini, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes are the basics). The Moroccan culture is very rich, and so is the imagination of local chefs.

Couscous is another world-famous dish. In Morocco, you will not find a royal couscous with merguez sausages. There are two main options: chicken or (beef) meat. The dish is made of semolina, seven vegetables (zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, eggplant, potato, turnip and tomato), and a sauce with chickpeas or raisins. This royal and traditional dish is usually served on Fridays after the most important prayer of the week, so avoid scheduling an intense physical or professional activity if you're planning to try this dish. You will need time for digestion.

Pastilla is a sort of round cake filled with seafood or chicken. A slow-cooking recipe, it is a gala dish that is served to guests when you want to honor them.

We could spend hours and even days explaining the local cuisine, so the best thing is to step up, go out and try it yourself.

Street food in Casablanca

Street food is also very popular in Casablanca, and you will find stalls almost everywhere. Grabbing a quick sandwich might be interesting, but pay attention to hygiene first.

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