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Things to do in Casablanca alone or with your family
Updated 2022-07-14 13:45

Casablanca is a big city, with different resources for different tastes, just like the city itself. Whether you have relocated alone or with your family, and especially if you have friends, learn about the various things you can do during your free time in Casablanca.

Tour the neighborhoods of Casablanca

The simplest, cheapest and most enriching way to broaden your cultural knowledge of Casablanca is to take a walking tour. Not all areas are of great interest, but some are definitely worth a visit. The Mohamed V area, which extends from Mohamed V Boulevard to the French Consulate, is worth a visit. However, avoid showing off your mobile phone or wearing expensive jewelry to avoid theft. Also, pay particular attention to traffic.

Casablanca has a rich cultural heritage, and even the poorly maintained buildings can reveal the splendor of the city during the Art Deco period. You should definitely stop by the central market found on Mohammed V Boulevard. It is easy to find since it has a tram station in its name. You can buy a fresh fish of your choice and get it grilled in one of the restaurants located within the market area.

You must also visit the old medina and wander in its alleys to experience the charm of the narrow streets and buildings, sometimes seemingly austere but full of historical and human treasures. The medina used to be the original location of the city until the very early 20th century.

You should also visit the Habous, which has typical architecture and where Moroccan handicraft shops are so numerous that you will find it hard to choose which one to visit.

You haven't seen much of Casablanca until you have visited the Hassan II Mosque, whose minaret is the highest building in the city and country. It is a Muslim architectural treasure that showcases the exceptional know-how of Moroccan craftsmanship. The visit is a must even if it is not free of charge. It remains one of the largest mosques in the world.

Shopping in Casablanca

Casablanca is also a paradise for shopaholics. Swinging from the Maârif, in the heart of the city, to the shopping centers like Morocco Mall and Anfa Place, you will be delighted by the different styles, from the simplest traditional Moroccan to the most sophisticated, including popular and elitist European brands. The Maârif is also known as the jewelry area. Jewelry is an essential accessory in Morocco, and, during ceremonies, women easily bring out their most beautiful attire, which can be quite spectacular.

Family activities in Casablanca

Sindibad Park, an ancient amusement park that was renovated a few years ago, is a good attraction for children. It is found along the Corniche. You can also visit Adventure Land, which is a playground located on the first floor of the Morocco Mall. It is inevitably noisy, but it can be used as a track when it rains or when it's too cold to stay outside without being at home.

Besides, a new theatre, the largest in North Africa, is due to be inaugurated soon, but its artistic program hasn't been disclosed yet. In the heart of the city center, it is expected to present opera, classical music, and theatre performances.

We could not conclude without mentioning the beach. Who doesn't like walking or relaxing on the beachside? Since Casablanca is found on the Atlantic coast, it has beautiful but crowded beaches. In 2019, a nice promenade was inaugurated and thus completely redeveloped the coastline making it more suitable for family walks.

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