The different neighbourhoods in Casablanca

Casablanca neighbourhoods
Updated 2022-07-14 12:50

Stretching over 220 km², Casablanca is more than twice the size of Paris. Like all historical cities and smaller towns in Morocco, Casablanca can boast beautifully diverse neighborhoods that will amaze you as you start wandering around them looking for accommodation.

In general, proletariat neighborhoods are on the immediate outskirts of the city, with a couple of exceptions that will be mentioned below, while the posh areas are closer to the city center.

The most popular areas of Casablanca

Sidi Bernoussi, Hay Mohammadi, Al Oulfa, Hay Hassani are some of the working-class neighborhoods in Casablanca. On the other hand, the golden triangle is made up of the following neighborhoods: Anfa, Racine and Gauthier. Also, make sure not to overlook at the prospective attractivity of areas like CIL and Ain Diab even though rent prices are higher there. The new neighborhoods built a few years ago are rather classy, given the cost of living recorded there, but they are quite far from the city center. Some of them are Dar Bouazza/Tamaris and Bouskoura.

In general, the working-class areas are livelier but are deemed less secure for expatriates who will be spotted very quickly. Besides, they are generally far from international schools, having only a few green spaces. Besides, being away from the expat communities will make it harder for you to adapt to your new life in Casablanca. On the other hand, the posh areas ensure a more comfortable integration since most of their inhabitants speak foreign languages and are much more discreet regarding neighborhood relations.

Getting around Casablanca

Casablanca is known for its hectic lifestyle and heavy traffic, especially in the city center. There are traffic jams, and parking is difficult due to the restricted number of spaces available. Therefore, having a private car park is vital for getting around Casablanca. However, it can be tricky when it comes to traveling to work. Transportation in Casablanca is mainly provided by small taxis, so you often have to decide whether you want to live close to work or have a more quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of Casablanca.

Besides, there are always events and cultural activities taking place in Casablanca. If you wish to take part in these, consider renting a car and looking for parking space before the area gets really busy. Some buildings and malls have car parks or valet parking, but this is certainly not the case of art galleries, for example.

Parking in Casablanca

Note that the price of parking in the city center (excluding parking meters) usually costs around 3 DHS. However, parking attendants (recognizable by their gown with a red badge or fluorescent vest) sometimes ask for more. However, on the corniche in the evening, you can make use of your extraordinary negotiation skills to find parking for less than 10 DHS. On weekends, parking fees can even rise up to 20 DHS.

Getting a place to stay in Casablanca 

One of the best places to stay in Casablanca is in the city center. As a matter of fact, Casablanca's downtown areas (Maârif, Gauthier, Racine, and Palmiers) are focal spots that enable you to do all the sightseeing you want during your stay. 

If you are visiting Casablanca with your partner, then the perfect place to sleep is in the Medina. The alleys of this old district are the ideal setting for a romantic stay in Casablanca. It is a peaceful and charming area, full of monuments with stunning architecture. In addition, the magnificent beaches and the sensual scents of the souks make the Medina an ideal choice for a lovers' holiday in Casablanca.

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